Love Somebody (Playlist: March 13, 2018)

Compiled by Erica Andreozzi

FRESH NEW PLAYLIST (Spotify link and track listing below) inspired by recent shows in January and February (many of of which were part of SF’s NoisePop Festival) –  Josh Jacobson, Typhoon, Mimicking Birds, Emily Afton, Future Feats, Wild Child, Andrew St. James, Wildling, Crooked Colours, Dagmar, Ha Ha Tonka, Belle Game, Geographer, DonCat, Langhorne Slim, The Album Leaf, Vakoum, Field Medic, Waxahatchee, White Knuckles, Banzai Cliff, King Krule, Derek Ted (of Owl Paws), Lucy Rose, Charlie Cunningham, tUnE-yArDs, X-Ambassadors, Tall Heights, Black Pistol Fire, Billy Rafoul, The Wedding Presentand new releases from Frenship, Chvrches (including a track featuring Matt Berninger of The National), Jose Gonzalez, and Tallest Man in Earth (along with new tour dates!)

I chose Frenship’s ‘Love Somebody’ as the title track because, despite the song being so damn catchy (I couldn’t listen just once), I really liked the overarching message: “Get out and LOVE SOMEBODY, and GET LOST on the way.” You never know what hard times someone may be going through or how much they could use a simple smile or “Hello” from a stranger. Get out of your own head and look up at the beauty in your surroundings, savor all the amazing people around you and the lil’ miracles that might sweep you off your feet. I’ve recently encounter many young lives being snatched up way too early (including the super-talented, massively-loved LA-music photographer, Emery Becker who met last year at SXSW), and it absolutely crushes me. No matter what your circumstances and what miserable mood you may be in, strive to be kind. Remember that everyone’s days are numbered and that only WE have the power to make sure those numbers count – every hour, every min, ever second. The fleetingness of life will always remain one of our greatest mysteries, and we should never take anything for granted. Hug harder, smile wider, lend more hands. You never know what impact the tiniest act of kindness may have, or whose lives they may be saving. I hope this playlist will encourage you to open your heart to “love somebody” and to “make tiny changes to earth” (now quoting Frightened Rabbit). And as my friend Paige Parsons (met seeing The Twilight Sad (Official)) says so beautifully, music is the best medium to do so because “music cuts through out cynicism and breaks down the barriers that we erect between ourselves and the rest of the world.” Check out her talk on this:

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  1. Wake-  Typhoon
  2. Same Mistakes- FUTURE FEATS
  3. LOVE Somebody-  Frenship
  4. Get Out-  CHVRCHES
  5. Bad Girl- Mystery Artist! (Help me figure this out!)
  6. Hummingbird- Wildling
  7. Rorschach- Typhoon
  8. Plymouth- Crooked Colours
  9. In the Morning!- Andrew St James
  10. I Want Nothing- The Belle Game
  11. Everybody Wants to Shake Your Hand-  DonCat
  12. Conversation- Owl Paws
  13. Lost- Emily Afton
  14. Suck-  The Wedding Present
  15. Gorgeous- X Ambassadors
  16. Home- White Knuckles
  17. Sparks Fly- Waxahatchee
  18. Don’t Ask Why- Black Pistol Fire
  19. Minimum- Charlie Cunningham
  20. Laura- Andrew St James
  21. Flow-  Crooked Colours
  22. backyard sorrow- derek ted
  23. Biscuit Town- King Krule
  24. Remember- Typhoon
  25. Little Lies-  Wildling
  26. Tumbleweed- Dagmar
  27. Expectations- Wild Child
  28. What Do You Want-  Dagmar
  29. Sorry Bout Tomorrow!- Andrew St James
  30. Millennial Malaise-  Andrew St James
  31. Severing the Knot- Emily Afton
  32. Movie Screen- Dagmar
  33. Come Back To You- Crooked Colours
  34. Think It Over- Wild Child
  35. backyard sorrow- derek ted
  36. The Way We Move-  Langhorne Slim
  37. Bloodlines-  Mimicking Birds
  38. Anyone Can Make A Mistake-  The Wedding Present
  39. Too Young To Die- Banzai Cliff
  40. Silver- Waxahatchee
  41. poison poetry- derek ted
  42. Silver Screen- DonCat
  43. Foolish- Geographer
  44. Bully- Black Pistol Fire
  45. My Enemy (feat. Matt Berninger)-  CHVRCHES
  46. Restless-  Langhorne Slim
  47. Better Off- White Knuckles
  48. Empiricist-  Typhoon
  49. Race To The Bottom- Ha Ha Tonka
  50. all i have- derek ted
  51. Back- Wild Child
  52. Danielle-  Banzai Cliff
  53. An Opening- Charlie Cunningham
  54. Hipster Shakes- Black Pistol Fire
  55. Let Me Go Alone- White Knuckles
  56. I Love To Dance- Langhorne Slim
  57. Second Chance-  Lucy Rose
  58. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of-  The Wedding Present
  59. POWERFUL LOVE- Field Medic
  60. Never Been Wrong-  Waxahatchee
  61. Sunlight Daze- Mimicking Birds
  62. Ahead Of Myself-  X Ambassadors
  63. Driver- Billy Raffoul
  64. All With You- Ha Ha Tonka
  65. Twenty Two Fourteen- The Album Leaf
  66. uuu-  Field Medic
  67. Breathing Through A Straw-  Vákoum
  68. With the Ink of a Ghost-  José González
  69. Still In Love- Thirdstory
  70. Spirit Cold- Tall Heights
  71. Be Set Free-  Langhorne Slim
  72. Owl Hoots- Mimicking Birds
  73. ICE- Vákoum
  74. Blank Pages- The Album Leaf
  75. An Ocean- The Tallest Man on Earth
  76. Coast to Coast- tUnE-yArDs
  77. Polaroids- Josh Jacobson
  78. Tethered- Josh Jacobson



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Charlie Cunningham: “What you got to live for, Now you got the whole of the world at your feet, And how much more can you pass yourself round?… Go, take a load off, Letting your wings unfold, And keeping everything down to a minimum” – The Swedish American Hall (March 7, 2018)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

Lucy Rose jokingly said, “never bring an opener on tour who is better than you.” She was of course referring to Charlie Cunningham, the super-talented British singer/songwriter who was definitely more of a “show stopper” than “show starter” and who had you stopped in your tracks with HIS stunning tracks. Apart from his exquisite guitar work and super-soothing vocals, his incredibly pensive, poetic, introspective lyrics will seep into your soul and etch some long-lasting “Lines” (coincidentally the title of his debut album). His music reminds me a bit of Nick Mulvey and Jose Gonzalez, which is funny cause apparently Jose Gonzalez is one of the main musicians that Charlie’s record label curator (Magus) works with. Keen hunch! I l also hear a bit of Spanish guitar influence, which makes sense considering that Charlie traveled to Spain to create the music he wanted to play, free from the prerequisite of “having to read music” first. Charlie also learned to play piano before he learned guitar (at age 14), and I hope he brings both with him on his next US tour… which BETTER BE a HEADLINE one. His 45 min opening set at Swedish American Hall was way too short for satiation, and there was a unanimous request from the entire audience for him to keep playing after his last song, ‘Minimum‘ (video below), my FAVORITE (aside from ‘An Opening‘) and one that really hits home:

“How do I walk this earth?
So much work at first, it goes
How should I walk this earth?
So much worse the further, the further you go
Go, take off a load
Letting your wings unfold
And keeping everything down to a minimum
Everything a bit though
Tell’em what you know but all that you know, though
The truth be told you need it more than you thought
But you’re managing, that’s how you evened out, out
Keep on walking that line, the fine line
Between a wrong and a right
You get yours, I’m gonna get mine
Is that what you signed for?
They’re feeding you lines
To keep you on their side
It works every time
What you got to live for
Now you got the whole of the world at your feet
And how much more can you pass yourself round?
What you got to live for now
You got the whole of the world at your feet
But you’re still shaking?
You need to make up some ground
Go, take off a load
Letting your wings unfold
And keeping everything down to a minimum
Everything a bit though
Tell’em what you know but all that you know, though
The truth be told you need it more than you thought
But you’re managing, that’s how you evened out, out”  ❤


Mad props to Lucy for bringing him on tour with her! It was also nice that she invited him up on stage to help sing a few of her songs. I was so bummed when I missed seeing him open for Low Roar at The Chapel last year cause of being away for a work trip. This was certainly a super sweet an unexpected treat!<3 🙂