Overcoats: “He makes me smaller with every embrace that I ask for… Smaller than my mother, he looks down on me” – The Independent (Dec 9, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

Do yourself a favor and put on some OVERCOATS – not the jacket, the JAMS. Meet Overcoats, the  super-talented, super-sassy, super-seductive, super-SHINY (matching gold outfits) Sirens whose harmonies will make you shiver and shout. Having been on the road all year, Hana and JJ made sure to GIVE IT THEIR ALL for their LAST SHOW of the tour, the 96th show to be exact. WOW. They even took requests towards the end and had the whole crowd participating in a massive sing-a-long of favorites from the early 90s (including Shaggy and Britney Spears, haha). Then they played their beautiful cover of Hozier’s ‘Cherry Wine’ (yaaaaaaas), released just a few months ago.

My favorite tracks from their debuts album are: Smaller than my Mother, Father (which sadly they didn’t play), Hold Me Close, Leave the Light On, I Don’t Believe in Us, and Kai’s song (check out the new acoustic version). 23 is also a great song with pretty powerful lyrics:

“No he won’t look at me anymore, Cause he knows who I expect him to be…
Forever’s a long time when it doesn’t feel right      (wow)
And being his wife’s like one long sleepless night.”

Smaller than my Mother‘ absolutely SLAYS, and I enjoyed singing along to every word:

“He makes me smaller with every embrace that I ask for… I keep on shrinking and he stays the same… He’s gonna make me watch him leave, I’ve done all the things that he asked of me. He makes me fall makes me fall to my knees, Smaller than my mother, he looks down on me.”

I love the contrast of both vulnerability and strength. They def hit a universal nerve in addressing that some people can make one “feel smaller with every embrace” that they ask for.

I also could listen to ‘Kai’s song‘ OVER AND OVER again. The message about changing oneself for someone else is unfortunately very real, and I’m glad they addressed it here:

“So don’t lie to me, I know you don’t like what you see. But I’m not going back, To how I used to be. How did I lose myself in, Everyone around me? But, oh God, I have never felt alive like this”  (we get it)

We were also lucky to have heard their brand new, unreleased song (‘Leave‘) about life on the road which they claim was written in 10 min (“a long time in dog years”):
“Where can i find you to tell you I’m not alright, How can I tell you I need you by my side. If you leave me, I’ll be on my own, so far from home, on the road. If you leave me, baby you should know, that the thought of you is what keeps me going.” (video below)

BUT, one of the biggest treats was they they invited their college friend Julia come up on stage to play sax for the adrenaline-rushing EPIC ENCORE encore of ‘Leave the Light on.’ SO FREAKING SICK!  You better believe I was shouting the chorus at the top of my lungs! “I may break down if I let you look at me
Now you see me, now you don’t
Now you see me, now you don’t
Going, going, fast as I can
Going, going, fast as I can
We don’t know what we are running from.”

Sure feels good to wrap yourself in some overcoats! ❤


3 thoughts on “Overcoats: “He makes me smaller with every embrace that I ask for… Smaller than my mother, he looks down on me” – The Independent (Dec 9, 2017)

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