Joe Purdy – “playing with the tragedies, singing good time harmonies”: Slims in SF (April 15, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi


Not only do I enjoy Joe Purdy‘s music, but I enjoy his delivery. A true troubadour with a knack for telling stories that have his listeners seeing the world through his eyes (piercing blue, at that). I think he sums it up perfectly in the message to his mom on his newest album (such a freaking good one), ‘Who Will Be Next?:’
“I’d like to dedicate this album to my mother, who is the true embodiment of selflessness and kindness. Anything sweet in me, comes from you. Thank you for convincing me to rewrite this record without the anger, and showing me what the world looks like through compassionate eyes.”
A true “Sad Clown,’ Joe has a way of “playing with the tragedies, singing good time harmonies” that keep us laughing, no matter how sad the song. He writes with a heavy heart, but delivers with clever comedy. This style reminds me a bit of the great Nathaniel Rateliff I would actually to one day see those two share the stage together. “Power means nothing in a world without love.” Thanks for reminding us of that, Joe Purdy . 🙏🏻 Slim’s Another Planet Entertainment Folkyeah Presents Sf Intercom #joepurdy #joepurdymusic #slimsf #musicalmedicine #truetroubadour #songthatslay #storiesforthesoul #compassionateeyes #whowillbenext #sadclown

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