(compiled July 27, 2014)

Fresh new playlist inspired by recent gigs (Fatherson, The Temper Trap, Jack Garratt, Phantogram, The Twilight Sad), new discoveries (Soko, Low Roar, Sun Kil Moon), and new releases from bands/artists I follow (Josh Record, Farewell J.R., and Bear’s Den).  Anyone who desires to feel enlightened NEEDS to check out the playlist’s title track, Elysium. It’s the new single (just released last week through Communion) from a band (Bear’s Den) that I’ve been lucky enough to see SEVEN times since I moved to London nearly 2 years ago. I am constantly amazed by the beautiful, heartfelt music (lyrics below) that they continue to keep churching out, and the horns that dominate this track will carry you away straight INTO THE LIGHT. Of my new discoveries, I’ve been mad hooked by Sun Kil Moon‘s Benji (been listening non-stop), and can’t wait to see him at Green Man festival next month. I’m also really digging Low Roar, especially the song, I’m Leaving (cause I am, in 3 months!), and I look forward to seeing them at Iceland Airwaves festival with my good friend Jen! 😀

“Brother, do you believe in an afterlife,
Our souls will both collide, some great Elysium,
Way up in they sky,
Free from our shackles, our chains, our mouths, our brains,
We’ll open all the gates,
We will walk careless,
Straight into the light.

Brother don’t grow up, brother please never grow up.” (HORN ME!)

Just hope that age, does not erase, all that you’ve seen.
Don’t let bitterness become you…
Guard your hope with your light.”

Not all tracks show up on Spotify (see full list below):


Mine for Me- Fatherson

Drum Song- The Temper Trap   

Elysium- Bear’s Den      

I’m Leaving- Low Roar  

Micheline- Sun Kil Moon

Water- Jack Garratt 

Science of Fear- The Temper Trap  

I Don’t Blame You- Phantogram

Love Lost- The Temper Trap

I Like Not Knowing- Fatherson

Alphabet- The Twilight Sad   

Worry- Jack Garratt

First Love Never Die- SoKo

I’ll Keep Coming- Low Roar     

I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same- Sun Kil Moon     

Fools- The Temper Trap

Never Going Home- Phantogram

Remnants- Jack Garratt   

Trembling Hands- The Temper Trap 

Shut In- Strand of Oaks   

Donor- Farewell J.R     

Down River- The Temper Trap 

Ben’s My Friend- Sun Kil Moon

Dead City- The Twilight Sad

I Couldn’t Want You Anyway- Jack Garratt       

Wonder- Josh Record    


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