Trousdale: “Just when you think you know someone, Lord knows you ain’t got a clue” – Live at Club Tee Gee (June 16, 2019)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

“Trous be told,” Trousdale will take your breath away with their heartfelt folk and striking harmonies. Reminiscent of powerhouse sister trios like The Staves, Joseph, and Baskery, the flawless execution of Trousdale’s harmonies will make you think that this talented trio of Georgia Greene, Loren Cole, and Quinn D’Andrea are related in some way. Perhaps it was their 4 year stent together at USC that built this strong sisterhood. Although I only made it to see the last few songs in their set (Ain’t Got a Clue, Wanna Love, and Love), it was enough to hook me in. I am very excited to see them again on Aug 16 at Echo Park Rising and Aug 22 at The Hotel Cafe. Get these dates marked on your calendars, cause they will definitely leave your feeling happy-hearted. Ain’t that the trouse! ☺️

”Ain’t Got a Clue’

‘Wanna Love’


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