Dawes– Dingwalls, London (Nov 29, 2012)

One of my favorite California indie/folk rock bands that has a sexy frontman and an ATHEM I could NEVER get sick of: When My Time Comes…UNREAL. Had been waiting for SOOOOO LONG to hear this theme song live. SUCH A RUSH. I loved singing along with my two favorite verses, “And now the only piece of advice that continues to help…Is anyone that’s making anything new only breaks something else…” and  “Oh you can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks…well you can stare into the abyss but it’d staring right back,” and then BELTING OUT (like a BEAST) the continuously cathartic chorus of “WHEN MY TIME COMESWOAHOH OH OH.” Can’t tell you how many time this song has healed me. ❤


When My Time Comes

My Way Back Home

A Little Bit of Everything


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