Brian Jonestown Massacre

Brian Jonestown Massacre– The Roundhouse, London

(July 1, 2014)

Another epic entrance (almost didn’t make this one because of experiments), but I finally arrived at the Roundhouse (I forgot how beautiful it is!). The last band I saw there was Kings of Convenience, and man did that bring back some great memories. Unfortunately I missed the opener, THE VACANT LOTS, which my music guru buddy David Brown assures me is an ace band. As I made my way up to the front left, I couldn’t help but smile to see hippie/rocker folk of ALL AGES (spanning nearly 5 generations) flooding the room. Everyone’s eyes light up as their bodies sunk into the fuzzy buzz of this psychedelic rock, whisked away to the hippie era of flowers, peace signs, and psychedelics…(which is fitting since these rockers originate from San Francisco, the birthplace of the “hippie”)…I gotta give a mad shout-out to Matt Coccaro for introducing me to this band and encouraging to catch them while passing through London after Glastonbury. The Brian Jonestown Massacre showed us many different faces (blues/shoe-gaze/psychedelic) of “rock” music tonight, and we can’t help but thank them for unleashing our inner-hippie.

..Also, I forgot to mention that the singer from Les Big Byrd, a Swedish band n the label founded by Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe, came out to perform own of his own songs with BJM. After praising the band (a tripped-out keyboard-and-guitar Swedish duo), Anton told the audience to be open-minded and to try and enjoy the song even if the words are in Swedish…”It’s music, man….Music is music.” (something along those lines) I’m def gonna check them out, especially since I’m might be moving to Sweden next year!  🙂


bjm1 bjm2 bjm3 bjm4 bjm6

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