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“Music makes my blood flow. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a favorite song. I just want to be the messenger.” –Brandon Flowers (The KILLERS)

Just like one my favorite rockstars, I too want to be a messenger in spreading musical treasure. Sharing music with others has always given me this insatiable high, this sense of euphoria that’s almost indescribable to those who aren’t MUSIC JUNKIES like myself. Music is my drug, and I am an addict.

Every few weeks I compile new playlists of BEATS THAT SET MY PULSE, and the playlist title often reflects the particular song that really made my blood flow. These playlists are like my journal, and each one represents a new chapter in my life (imprinting new memories…). With its own built in chords and structures, music has been shown (scientists are studying this!) to exhibit exceptional capacity for memory storage. That’s why we can still remember the lyrics to our favorite song from a decade ago! Maybe that’s also why I tear up every time I listen to a playlist that reminds me of a special person/place/event in my life (…OR, maybe it’s cause I’m a woman, haha). Regardless, I truly do believe that different music comes in and out of our lives at certain times for a reason…FOR REASONS UNKOWN (pun intended!).

Each playlist I compile will give shout-outs to those friends who inspired my musical discoveries and will also reflect how the songs were tuning my emotions and harmonizing with my experiences. They will recap my recent shows and will try to convey (as best as they can!) the epic live performances that I’ve been fortunate enough to witness. Live music really has become an addiction- it’s my fuel when energy levels are low, and it’s my meditation when thoughts needs reorganization. It’s my rhythmical road map to peace of mind and self discovery- my passport to the heart and soul. It’s my appetite for life.

My playlists offer me consistency, a sense of routine. They are a  common ground when I am on foreign ground. No matter how transient or unpredictable life gets, they remain a constant, an extension of something familiar (people, places, things). Best thing is that no matter where in the world I go, I can ways bring my playlists, and they keep me close to home.

Music has led me to so many amazing people, and I have no doubt that music will continue to serve as my ultimate communication piece in life. I am continually interested in how music brings people together and how such strong friendships are built upon musical exchange. Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons) describes it perfectly:

“Music is something that pulls everyone together, and it’s pretty much the only way that you can communicate even if you can’t talk to each other. So it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak, what your social background or racial background– it doesn’t matter; that all kind of disappears when you go to a gig and your standing next to all these different people and you’re enjoying the same music. It unites everyone.”

I also could not have said it better than the poetic genius (Matt Berninger) of The National: “You connect with records in very personal and very meaningful ways. All my favorite records are those that, for whatever reason, stuck to my soul. They helped me through something…There are records that you just sink into. They coincide with what you’re going through and become an ally. If our records do that for people, that’s the greatest compliment I could ever receive. That’s one of the reason’s making music is so important to me, because there is a very strange emotional reach. For me– more than book, movie, or other things– music is like a mainline to your heart.”

While there are many variables in this world, music is NOT one of them. It has truly been one of the few constants in my life, and I never realized how important it was until now. The more I discover about music, the more I have yet to discover; there is no resting place (and I LOVE THAT). Music keeps you thinking, growing, progressing, and most importantly…it keeps your BLOOD FLOWING.

You can access my playlists through my blog website or through spotify (see links below).

Blog: https://beatsthatsetmypulse.wordpress.com/
Spotify (subscribe to my page!):http://open.spotify.com/user/1217781739

**I encourage artists/bands (especially ones I meet at gigs!) to like this page cause I use it as a way to PROMOTE YOU**

One thought on “About the Blog

  1. Amazing idea for a blog and it is wonderful that you are sharing your experience with other people for music, because everyone can find something for him/herself. Not everyone have a chance to meet some bands, but with this blog have more options 🙂 The music is communication, so your blog connecting people and bands all over the world! Wow! Good luck in your passion 😉 Enjoy it and we will also enjoy it with you! 😉

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