Damien Jurado: “I have questions that lead to more questions…”

Damien Jurado– Sasquatch music fest

(May 28, 2012)

Turns out I was standing next to a guy that used to work with Damien Jurado when he was (get this!) a ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER in Seattle. I am so shocked! After seeing him writhe around on the floor shouting the lyrics to his last song, I have a hard time believing he was once disciplining small children. Haha. I love hearing the interesting backstories of these musicians. Always a pleasant surprise  🙂

Nothing is the News and Working Titles were my favorite tracks from his 2012 album, Maraqopa. Favorite verses back-to-back in Working titles:

“Leave me an exit to damage
I could use a ledge to jump off of
I wasn’t lying when I said this was over
I have questions that lead to more questions  (truth)

Running time that will cut off my fingers
You wrote about me on every new record
I’ll show up in the title of your song
I only hope somebody requests it.”   (slayed)


Working titles

I had no idea the Tallest Man on Earth and Idiot Wind (his wife) cover this! INCREDIBLE.

Also, check out Augustines cover of Damien Jurdo’s Ohio!



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