Podcast #3: Alicia Blue

For someone who has gotten a late start on her musical journey, Alicia Blue has proven that it’s never to late to follow your ❤️. The late bloomer has blossomed beyond belief since I first saw her at back in July 2018 at The Love Song Bar. She’s released an impressive self-titled debut EP with bangers like ‘Come on Home,’ ‘Incognito,’ and ‘Magma.’ ‘Come on home’ describes her desire to pursue music dreams in LA despite her family calling her back: “Hey babe, won’t you come on home, everyone’s wondering what you’re looking for’… “How can you ask me again you know the fire I feel in my heart, I don’t fit inside this town.” ‘Incognito’ is a clever, biting joust to those that have discriminated against her Mexican relatives, and man does it make you reflect. ‘Magma‘ will have you erupting will all sorts of warm, feel good vibes, esp. with Alicia beaming as she belts, “we’re looking so beautiful, AS WE RISE.” Another song that erupts euphoria is one she wrote in honor of her friend Lauren Ruth Ward: “She repairs the girls off sunset boulevard, she’ll braid your hair then she’ll break your heart.. but most of all, she’s A STAR. She’s the Queen of Echo Park.” I was lucky enough to be a foot from Alicia as she debuted this song at The Love Song Bar with LRW there to join on backup vocals. Not only was LRW brought to tears, but so was the entire room. We could not help but join in tearshed as we watched these incredibly talented women sing one another’s praises: “She’s electricity every time we meet.. and she don’t judge as she resurrects all the color buried in my chest.” This song made it onto Alicia’s newest album, ‘Bravebird,’ which I feel was meant to help us find flight, even in the midst of a global pandemic. My favs are: ‘The Joke,’ ‘Inside with You,’ ‘Blind Spot,’ and ‘Star Maps,’ the latter of which Alicia said came to her in just a few hours. They are a testament to her pensive, prudent lyrics and her rich, warm vocals. Looks like Nashville is the next stop on Alicia’s star map, for she is there now to play a few shows, collaborate with a few musicians, and see the legendary Lucinda Williams. We know that when this star returns, she’ll be shining brighter than before. ❤ 🙂

Such a treat to hear a new unreleased song that Alicia wrote during the pandemic

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