Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear– Village Underground (Feb 25, 2014)

Aside from Augustines and Wild Cub, Boy & Bear make the cut as one top new bands I saw live in 2014. Boy & Bear KIIIIIIILED IT a few months back at their SOLD OUT Village Underground gig. They played a hearty set of 16 songs, the first of which was MY FAVORITE: Three Headed Woman

“Cause the love that keeps me sane, is killing me all the same
It’s killing me, it’s killing me oh….
It’s just one of those days, I can’t stop thinking
I’m as heavy as my hangover, and I woke up in a sweat

Cause I’m aware of consequence,
and I’m aware of pain now too.” (YES. Line KILLS ME every time).

Another favorite from the set (also on their new album , Harlequin Dream) was Old Town Blues, and it was really fun to watch Dave embrace his lil’ dance solo (guitar free song) while trying to keep a straight face. It kept me smiling the whole time. I really love the last verse of lyrics when he talks about wanting to teach his kids how to love. I noticed that he sings about kids in a few of his songs even though he doesn’t have any of his own (but Tim of course joked that he had like 5):

“Cos I wanna be an old man too
I wanna be a role model to my kids
I wanna teach them how to love
But you gotta show me how to live.”

Another one I really enjoyed was Bridges, and the last line in the intro verse always makes me laugh:

“Get up and dance girl
I’m in a rock and roll band
That makes me more of a man
Didn’t you know?..” (love this)

The encore of Southern Sun (no surprise) fired everyone up and had us “losing out mind out there.” SO GOOD. I’m sad I wasn’t able to capture this one in full…JUS missed my favorite verse:

“I saw the light from a kettle gun
Sixteen days under a southern sun
And there were times when I thought that
I wouldn’t mind it if I lost my mind out there…”

Even with a few of my other favorites (Blood to Gold, Mexican Mavis) missing from the set, the whole gig still PACKED A PUNCH. This band is ACE and both albums are stacked. I am so thankful that my friend from Melbourne (Cara) recommended them to me a few year back!  



Southern Sun:


A Moment’s Grace:

Back Down the Black:

Old Town Blues:

Harlequin Dream:

Three Headed Woman:     (one of my favorites!)



IMG_5969IMG_5965 IMG_5968
IMG_5970 IMG_5972 IMG_5974 IMG_5976 IMG_5983 IMG_5984 IMG_5988
IMG_5995 IMG_5996



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