A Good Reason to Grow Old

 A Good Reason To Grow Old

(compiled Aug 11, 2014)

LONG OVERDUE and MASSIVE playlist inspired by new album releases (Mogwai, Owl John, George Ezra, Sun Kil Moon, Young the Giant, Angus & Julia Stone, Spoon), new singles by Catfish and the Bottlemen and Beats Antique, and epic covers by Chet Faker and Asgeir. Young the Giant, George Ezra, Spoon, Mogwai, and Owl John were all bands/artists that I had seen play in the past few months, but the more recent gigs of the good ole’ Scottsman —Mogwai and Owl John– have got to be my favorites.  It was the first time I had ever seen Mogwai live and they absolutely BLEW MY MIND (see my Mogwai review). And, as if I didn’t think it possible following the success of Pedestrian Verse, Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit outdoes himself yet again with his new solo project, Owl John. I’m LOVING the new album and I really hope the FRabbits will fly as Owls on their next tour (see my Owl John review).  xxx


You can download all of the songs on the playlist from box.com account if you CLICK HERE:


(…and you should put it in the order of the actual playlist if you have time…there definitely is an intentional flow to it!)

Spotify playlist (not all songs show up so see full list below):


Stupid Boy- Owl John      

Cocoon- Catfish and the Bottlemen   

Natural Light-   Sun Kil Moon  

Blame It On Me- George Ezra 

My Word For It- Angus & Julia Stone 

Los Angeles, Be Kind- Owl John  

Remurdered- Mogwai     

Elaine- Sun Kil Moon

Hate Music- Owl John

You Don’t Treat Me No Good (Sonia Dada cover)- Chet Faker

Punk Rock:- Mogwai

Sideswipe- Beats Antique      

Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)- Asgeir

Tap The Red Cane- Daniel Champagne     

Cold Creeps- Owl John       

Stand By Your Gun- George Ezra     

I Thought I Was An Alien- SoKo

White Noise- Mogwai

They Want My Soul- Spoon

Red Hand- Owl John  

A Heartbreak- Angus & Julia Stone 

Eros- Young The Giant

Helicon 1- Mogwai

Leaving It Up To You- George Ezra  

Inside Out- Spoon

Over The Creek- George Ezra        

A Good Reason To Grow Old – Owl John

Auto Rock- Mogwai

Leaving It Up To You- George Ezra    

Death Defying Acts- Angus & Julia Stone 

Nick Drake- Mogwai

Breakaway- George Ezra   

One thought on “A Good Reason to Grow Old

  1. Lina P says:

    I definitely like the mellow tone you’ve got going here.

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