Kings of Convenience- “Love is just a game we’re both playing and we can’t get enough of…”

Kings of Convenience– Green Man, South Wales

(Aug 16, 2013)

Kings of Convenience are an Indie folk/pop due from Bergen, Norway that are known for their delicate tunes, soothing vocals, and intricate guitar melodies. Anytime I listen to their songs, I mentally escape to peaceful place where nothing matters but enjoying the present moment. Their songs always seem to remind me of the simple things in life, and the matra: “It’s simple to be happy, but it’s difficult to be simple.”

After having listening to their stuff for a few years, I was so excited to finally see them at the Roundhouse in London. I go their super early so I would be able to enjoy the show from the front (makes all the difference!), and luckily I was able to get two videos (see below) of my top favorites: ‘Homesick‘ and ‘Mrs. Cold.’ ‘Homesick’ always reminds me of my good friend Gina who I always used to sing this with when we were missing home: “Homesick…cause I no longer know where home is.”  (ugh, soooo good)

Mrs. Cold was not only a pleasure to hear (I LOVE the guitar ditty), but a pleasure to WATCH as well. Erland was SO entertaining, and his dancing jig was so adorable. (I couldn’t stop laughing!) The very clever lyrics that always HOOK me in this one are: “You should’ve hooked me, before I put my raincoat on” and OF COURSE the ending: “What is love? Love is just a game we’re both palying and we can’t get enough of.”  ❤

Other favorites of mine that they played that night were: Misread, Cayman Islands, Singing Softly to Me, I Don’t Know What I Can Save you From, Toxic Girl

Right before their encore, Erland greets the audience and with a certain coolness/confidence makes this announcement: “Life is full of terrible moments. This is not one if them.” One of the BEST LINES I’ve heard from a band before ending their show. Kings of Convenience BLEW ME AWAY. Some of the greatest guitar and vocal harmonies I’ve ever seen. Glad I could catch them in London after a long awaited hiatus, and then a few months later at Green Man festival in Wales, where I was lucky enough to watch them (only me an a few others) do a practice show while getting ready for their headliner performance that night. It PAYS OFF to be alert in the campsite during the early hours of a festival!  😛




Kings of Convenience– The Roundhouse, London

(May 15, 2013)



Mrs. Cold:



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