Wakin’ On a Pretty Day

 Wakin on  Pretty Day

(compiled April 27, 2014)

New playlist (23 songs) inspired by past gigs (Band of Skulls, Kurt Vile, Manchester Orchestra, Peggy Sue, Augustines), new album releases from Bear Hands, new discoveries (The Belle Brigade, Hozier), and my recent trip to Sweden (The Tallest Man On Earth). Give me your email and I can send all of the songs for download. x

Playlist on Spotify (not all of the tracks show up…full list below):


Top Notch-  Manchester Orchestra 

Hold Onto Anything- Augustines

Moment Of Silence-  Bear Hands

Brothers And Sisters-  Band Of Skulls 

When Everything Was What It Was-  The Belle Brigade  

Indentions-  Manchester Orchestra

Kv Crimes-  Kurt Vile        

Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene-  Hozier

Giants-  Bear Hands   

Girl Harbor-   Manchester Orchestra           

1904-  The Tallest Man On Earth 

Wakin On A Pretty Day-   Kurt Vile      

Bone Digger- Bear Hands    

Every Stone-  Manchester Orchestra           

Like Real People Do-  Hozier

Was All Talk-  Kurt Vile   

Troubles Will Be Gone-  The Tallest Man On Earth

See It Again-  Manchester Orchestra 

Cherry Wine (Live)- Hozier

Psylla-  Glass Animals  

Goldtone-  Kurt Vile   

Cut My Teeth-  Peggy Sue            

Aventine-  Agnes Obel

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