Hopeless Wanderer

Hopeless Wanderer 

(compiled Oct 21, 2012)

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up…see full list below):


Fitzpleasure– Alt-J (new album, An Awesome Wave)

Hopeless Wanderer– Mumford and Sons (new album, Babel)

Land Features– Freelance Whales (new album, Diluvia)

Cherokee– Cat power (new album, Sun)

The Twist– Frightened Rabbit

I Will Wait– Mumford and Sons (new album, Babel)

Aeolus– Freelance Whales (new album, Diluvia)

Taro– Alt-J (new album, An Awesome Wave)

Wind and Walls– The Tallest Man on Earth (new album, There’s no Leaving Now)

Fiction– The xx (new album, Coexist)

Below my Feet– Mumford and Sons (new album, Babel)

Human Being– Cat Power (new album, Sun)

Matlida– Alt-J (new album, An Awesome Wave)

Criminals–  The Tallest Man on Earth (new album, There’s no Leaving Now)

Leonard– Sharon van Etten

Not with Haste– Mumford and Sons (new album, Babel)Manhatten

Manhattan– Cat Power (new album, Sun)

State Hospital– Frightened Rabbit (new album, State Hospital)

Silent Way Milo Greene (new albumin, Milo Greene)

*Also getting super stoked for Foals‘ new album, Holy Fire (to be real eased in early 2013). LE SWEEEEEET.

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