Foals– T in the Park (July 13, 2014)

FOALS. One of the GREATEST BANDS OF ALL TIME (and if you don’t already know that, I’m not sure I can talk to you.) 😛
I first saw Foals in April 2011 at the Great American Music Hall (Freelance Whales and The Naked and Famous were opening), and  physically/mentally entranced by the whole experience. So many layers of rhythmic, driving sound and didn’t know what to do because EVERY PART OF MY BODY wanted to MOVE TO THEM (not possible). I also remember at one point during the set Yannis was trying to climb up the side scaffolding to try and get to the second floor balcony area, haha. I then saw Foals TWO YEARS later (after releasing their EPIC NEW ALUBUM, Inhaler), at T in the Park, and was FRONT & CENTER with two other diehard fans (nearly 10 years younger). When they started to unveil the intro of Spanish Sarah, I thought to myself, there is no better place than a music festival to “Forget the horror here…” (see my video below). Then, there was nothing like a mental Scottish crowd to enjoy Foals’ encore of Two Step, Twice (my favorite!). “Here we, here we, here we F*CKING GO!!”  (Such an INCREDIBLE NIGHT)



Two Step, Twice:

Late Night:

Spanish Sahara:


IMG_1008IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_1007

Foals– The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco (

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