I Need Your Light (Playlist: April 10, 2016)

I Need Your Light
Compiled on April 10, 2016


Springtime not only means NEW FLOWERS in bloom, it also means NEW BANDS IN BLOOM as well as old bands sprouting NEW ALBUMS. Running with that visual, this playlist is my beautiful BOUQUET to music lovers in need of sniffing out some new tunes. This playlist reflects many of the recent shows I’ve been too — Harriet, Day Wave, HEARTWATCH, Owl Paws, Ra Ra Riot, Hey Marseilles, The Joy Formidable, Father John Misty, Little Green Cars, Geographer, The Arkells— as well as the awesome new bands I discovered as openers for these shows — And the Kids, Everything Everything, John Mark Nelson, The Crookes. It also includes some of the sparkly new gems I dug up from the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED new albums by The Lumineers, Frightened Rabbit (both who I’ll both be seeing next month) and Highasakite (they NEED to come to Cali soon!). TWO HOURS of tunes that hopefully get ya skipping through those FIELDS OF BLOOM! 😀


Here’s the playlist on Spotify:

You can download all of the songs (out of order) from my link on Box.com



  1. Instant Breakup-  Ra Ra Riot   
  2. Equine-  Funeral Advantage 
  3. We Try But We Don’t Fit In- Day Wave  
  4. My Heart- Hey Marseilles   
  5. This Ladder Is Ours- The Joy Formidable   
  6. Bouncy Castle- Ra Ra Riot   
  7. Eyes Of The Prey- Owl Paws   
  8. Gone Too Long- HEARTWATCH
  9. I Wish I Was Sober-  Frightened Rabbit   
  10. Rio- Hey Marseilles  
  11. Golden Ticket- Highasakite
  12. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings- Father John Misty   
  13. I Need Your Light- Ra Ra Riot   
  14. Afterglow- The Crookes   
  15. Silent Treatment- The Joy Formidable   
  16. Bad Times- Ra Ra Riot   
  17. Another Life- Hey Marseilles   
  18. Secret Makeout Factory- And The Kids   
  19. Regret- Everything Everything      
  20. Easier Day – Little Green Cars   
  21. Ready 2 Wear- Geographer
  22. Sleep On The Floor- The Lumineers
  23. Crooked Lines- Hey Marseilles   
  24. American Appetite- Harriet
  25. Leather Jacket- Arkells
  26. Someone Who’ll Get It- Highasakite
  27. I Went To The Store One Day- Father John Misty  
  28. Forest Serenade- The Joy Formidable   
  29. An Otherwise Disappointing Life- Frightened Rabbit   
  30. I Don’t Even Know Who- Little Green Cars   
  31. White Lie- The Lumineers   
  32. Holes In Our Skin!- John Mark Nelson   
  33. Fortune 500- Everything Everything   

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