Podcast #5: Jess Jones

So happy to have had my good friend Jess Jones as my 5th guest on my Beatsthatsetmypulse podcast for BetaWaveTV. The first time I had seen Jess play live – outside of campfire sessions/ houseparty gatherings — was back in Feb at Monday Monday at The Hotel Cafe, and boy did she have me CAPTIVATED. Her song ‘Souvenir’ had ALL THE FEELS, and it re-awoke the wanderlust spirit that sometimes living in LA (aka the “center of the universe”) can dampen. A perfect companion for the open road, this song reminds us to be present and to come away from a place with a more meaningful souvenir (aka “a memory”). ‘Home Ain’t here,’ was another song that stood out and really resonated with an audience that is most likely comprised primarily of transplants who left their hometown to purse their dreams in LA LA LAND. Drawing inspiration from folk singer/songwriters like Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Sarah Jarosz, JS Ondara and psychedelic bands like The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix, Jess maintains a sound that is dynamic and diverse. She is all for experimenting with friends (@the_natural_supernatural @tarandflowers @gregsettino) and seeing what magic may come of it. She is also consistently learning new cover songs (can play >200!) and simultaneously honing her already impressive guitar skills. Jess also plays mandolin, ukulele, and piano, and recently started a Patreon page to offer private music lessons. When not playing music, Jess spends time making jewelry (out of music instrument materials like pics and guitar strings), fire spinning, and hiking. She has also dedicated an incredible amount of time and effort into curating outdoor live music events for her friends. 😍

Be on the lookout for when Jess releases a song called ‘Smoke Some Weed‘ (produced by Jordan Ruiz) on 4/20 (very fitting). It was written while sitting around a fire in upstate NY (where she is from), originally starting out as a joke but then evolved into a full song. It will be used in the promotional video for novel THC-infused rolling papers called J Boosters, developed by Cannabe LLC (@cannabeproducts on Instagram).


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