Podcast #2: Carli Storms

Life is definitely more fun with someone who believes in magic, who is always down for adventure, and who is nothing short of her authentic self. That someone is my talented friend Carli Storms who just released a BADASS NEW EP called ‘Unconditionally Myself’ on Oct 30, and who I gratefully had as a guest on my Beatsthatsetmypulse podcast to discuss this EP and share her process. We touched on her journey from Arizona to Los Angeles and the ways in which she found her footing and her tribe. We also touched on the inspiration behind each song on her EP (including her favorite, which you must watch to find out!), and the perspectives that helped her persevere despite inevitable obstacles and challenges. She reminds us to be present and aware of the magic that is truly all around us, even during tumultuous times: “There’s magic in the air, when I become aware.” This is a particularly refreshing mantra to have in the face of political tension and an unpredictable global pandemic. What stands out to me most about Carli is her positivity and her appetite for learning (not just for oysters, haha, which we did enjoy last month together in Catalina). She is always encouraging herself and others to believe in their capabilities and to abolish doubt: “Believe in, hearts’ conceiving, and let your breath unfold… I have no fear, I’m meant to be here.” She is also tough and resilient (as someone with the last name “Storms” should be), and she strives to always be a fearless Phoenix (which she has tattooed on her arm): “I have risen from ashes after I have burned in flames.” (lyrics from her song, ‘Unconditionally Myself.’ Cheers to the talented crew at BetaWave for video production support. 🙏🏼

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