Silver Self

Silver Self

(compiled March 11, 2013)

Fresh new playlist inspired by recent gigs (Maps & Atlases, Atlas Genius, Bwani Junction). ENJOY. 

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up…see full list below):


Fever– Maps & Atlases

Somewhere All the Time (from the album Kid Face)– Samantha Crain

If So– Atlas Genius

Two Bridges– Bwani Junction

Running For Cover– Ivan & Alyosha

Bugs–  Maps & Atlases

Lions (from the album You Understood)– Samantha Crain

Back Seat– Atlas Genius

Silver Self– Maps & Atlases

Roots Too Deep– Bwani Junction

Winter–  Maps & Atlases

Churchill (from the album Kid Face)– Samantha Crain

On A Day– Atlas Genius

Remote And Dark Years– Maps & Atlases

Stepson– Foals

Today’s Crusades–  Bwani Junction

Ghosts– ON AN ON

Marylebone- Bwani Junction

This Way– Angus & Julia Stone

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