I Won’t Be Found

I Won’t Be Found

(compiled June 20, 2012)

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up…see full list below):


Hey Ho– The Lumineers 

*I was initially introduced to this song by my buddy Raudel Hinojosa. The “Hey’s” and “Ho’s” remind me of one of my a recent favorites: Of Monsters and Men, who I saw at a small venue (The Independent) in San Francisco and at Sasquatch music fest this past year. I pretty much STALK THEM…especially the drummer, who is SO SIIIICK and is very much the leader of their group.

Steal Tomorrow– Tallest Man on Earth

*My ADDICTION: Tallest Man on Earth. Thanks to Kyle Findley-Meier and Nick Ptacek for introducing! I have only gotten through his first EP, but digging EVERY song. “Well I have bought a special backpack just to run away from shame…” LOVE IT. I’m super stoked to listen to Wild Hunt after Jana Sax and Andy Aiken both told me it was their favorite of his albums. Giddy up.

On Top of the World– Imagine Dragons

*Imagine Dragons was a band that my buddy Ken Deiner (doesn’t have facebook) recommended to me after seeing them at the BFD music festival in San Jose, CA. Apparently he got to meet the band afterwards and they were super nice. What a treat.

Runner Ups– Kurt Vile

*I initially found out about Kurt Vile from his brother Paul Vile who I met at Sasquatch. Paul was coming around to different campsites selling his BADASS Sasquatch t-shirts that he designed himself. It turns out that he is from Philly (my roots!) and that two of his sisters when to the same art school (University of the Arts in Philadelphia) as my best friend, Amanda Shames. The world really IS much smaller than we think…

My favorite lines from this song are:
“If it ain’t working, take a whiz on the world…”  and “When it’s looking dark, punch the future in the face…”

Shroud– Nathanial Ratcliffe

*I saw that this dude was touring with Mumford and Sons on their new Gentlemen of the Road tour, and I figured he had to have some talent. Turns out he is pretty awesome.

Scottish Winds– Frightened Rabbit (New EP)

*I love the Scottish and I’m not afraid to show it. As one of my favorite Scottish bands, Frightened Rabbit has been on my radar for a while. I was hoping they’d be working on some new stuff so they’d start touring again, and BOOM…here they have a new three-song EP (and they’ve thoughtfully posted it for free download). Even more, they are going to be touring with Death Cab for Cutie (another one of my favorite bands!) Craziness.

Bridges and Balloons– Joanna Newsom

*I initially found out about Joanna Newsom from my friend Cara Bradley, and then later heard about her from my buddy Kyle Findley-Meier at Sasquatch.  It turns out that she’s from Nevada City, CA and went to school at Mills College in Oakland, CA (close to me), where my friend Robin Cumming went (small world!). She’s known to perform impromtu shows at small bars/restaurants in Big Sur, along the California coast. SIIIIICK. Also, Joanna was chosen by Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel (another one of my favorite artists that I saw this year) to perform at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival that he curated in March 2012 in Minehead, England. I love her super unique voice that accompanies her amazing harp (yes, HARP!) skills. So awesome.

I Won’t Be Found– Tallest Man on Earth

*I have no idea why, but this song gets me super emotional every time. It might be that it reminds me of listening Bob Dylan for hours and hours back in the day with my dad when we would drive to soccer tournaments together. (Yup, just felt a tear.)

Alone– Trampled by Turtles

*I saw this band at Sasquatch and they KILLED IT. The fiddle player is INSANE…one of the best I’ve seen yet. Give this song a chance. It starts out slow but builds up and explodes around 3 min. Watch out for that FIDDLE. It’ll get ya when you least expect it!!

Foolish Things– The Ultimate Bearhug

*I found out about this band from my buddy Brendan Johnson who saw them at a small venue in southern California. There is no denying that this chick has got soul, and I’m sure we have all done some of the SAME FOOLISH THINGS…

Trembling Hands– The Temper Trap (new album, The Temper Trap)

*After listening to their new album briefly, this was one of the new songs that really stuck. “So throw me a line…Somebody out there help me…I’m on my own” sounds desperate and comforting all at the same time.

Half Moon– Blind Pilot

*I saw this band at Sasquatch (they follow Trampled by Turtles and played right before The Head and The Heart) and they really won the hearts of new fans that weren’t familiar with their stuff. Their whole We Are the Tide album is pretty solid.  I love the line:

“So hold high have faith your reasons
(Or you’ll never get on)
Don’t you forget you come from nothing      (so good)
(Or you’ll never get on)
That wind is calling my name    (follow your bliss and keep those wings IN FLIGHT!)
I won’t wait or I’ll never get on…”

Into the Stream– Tallest Man on Earth

*He is going to be playing at the Fox Theater in Oakland (where I’ve seen many a shows) in September but I’m already gonna be Europe by then. Damn! I’m gonna NEED to make sure I see him when I’m over there.

Fuck this place– Frightened Rabbit (New EP)

*For some reason this song always gives me chills…maybe because it sort of alludes to being “lost” (which often comes in and out of our lives like waves).  It features female vocals from a Camera Obscura (frontwoman Tracyanne Campbell), a fellow Scot.

Peeping Tomboy– Kurt Vile (New CD, Smoke Ring for My Halo)

*One of the songs that really stuck out to me on his new album. I love all the ambivalence: “I’ve been searching, I don’t know what for…” The lyrics are actually pretty clever.

Ancient Sea– Elephant Revival

*The fiddle kicks major ass in this song. Thanks to Kyle Findley-Meier for recommending this band to me. I am seeing them with Tami Turner in Davis in early July (before they head up to play at High Sierra music festival with Ben Sollee)

It Will Follow the Rain– Tallest Man on Earth

*Love the dramatic ending. He is soooooooo freaking good.

Song for you– Alexi Murdoch

*Alexi Murdoch has become of my my favorite singer/songwriters and I really looking forward to seeing him live one day. The part of this song where he says: “You think no one understands…”(3:25) and follows it “Listen to my hands” KILLS ME every time. I would not mind AT ALL if guys would communicate more often with their hands (using an INSTRUMENT, of course…)  😉
Seriously a heart-warming gem though.

Easy to Love– The Jezabels

*I found out about this band from some chicks I met in Australia. I had never heard of them before but turns out they are huge over there. They’ll be touring this summer/fall with Imagine Dragons. Cool coincidence.

Serpents– Sharon Van Etten

*It was my buddy Andy Aiken who recommended this artist to me. She’s worked on albums with The Antlers and The National (who I STALK thanks to you, Andy), and it turns out that she’s actually pretty good friends with the talented men of The National. Who wouldn’t be?…I mean COME ON. The last verse of this song is pretty killer:

“Serpents in my mind, trying to forgive 
Your cries 
Everyone changes, in time 
I hope he changes, this time.”

The Queen of Lower Chelsea– The Gaslight Anthem

*I absolutely LOVE Brian Fallon’s voice and the hint of THE BOSS (the one and only Bruce Springsteen) that he tries to capture in his songs. I know my friend Robin Cumming is a big fan of his raspy voice as well.  The Gaslight Anthem is gonna be playing at my favorite small venue (The Independent) in San Francisco on July 5th but it’s SOLD OUT.  Maybe I can swing a ticket last minute!  Brian is also part of a spin-off group called The Horrible Crowes that is really good and definitely work checking out. I always smile when he sings: “American girls, they want the whole world.”

Electrified– Ben Sollee

*I am excited to take my friend Tami Turner to see him when he comes to Davis, CA with Elephant Revival on July 6th. She used to play cello and is looking to get inspired…I hope she gets her bow restrung and starts playing again! Ben’s voice reminds me a bit of Paul Simon, who I used to listen to all the time growing up.


Was also listening to these unreleased Ben Howard gems NON-STOP after his two shows last month: SOOOOOO GOOD.

Depth over Distance– Ben Howard   (he opened with this at The Independent in San Francisco on May 31, 2012)

Soldiers– Ben Howard

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