Imperfect Time

Imperfect Time

(compiled Dec 19, 2012)

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up…see full list below):


Steel and Blood – Minus The Bear 

Chimera– Snakadaktal 

Brother– Admiral Fallow  

Back to the Feeding Ground– Vasudeva

Waste of Air– My Grey Horse

Zoom– Last Dinosaurs

Wake Up– Snakadaktal

Old Balloons– Admiral Fallow 

The Creature– Kurt Vile

Atlas Hands– Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Toska Minus the Bear

Boy– Snakadaktal

Lonely Gun– Minus The Bear  

Father Said– Olympic Swimmers

T=0– Tall Ships 

Life Size Ghosts– Mt. Wolf 

Without You– The New Union

Imperfect Time– Melodica, Melody and Me

In Love from Afar– Cave Birds

Daydreaming– Dark Dark Dark 

Woolgatherer– Conveyor

Saint– Jade Hopcroft 

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