(compiled April 2, 2013)

New playlist inspired by recent gigs (Three Blind Wolves, Daughter, Bear’s Den, Kodaline, Frightened Rabbit, PEACE, Stornoway). ENJOY. x

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up…see full list below):


Echo on the Night Train– Three Blind Wolves     

Shallows– Daughter

Stubborn Beast– Bear’s Den    

Call Me In The Afternoon– Half Moon Run

Human– Daughter

All I Want- Kodaline

Nothing Like You– Frightened Rabbit   

California Daze– PEACE!!  

Don’t Make a Scene- Atlas Genius

Mother– Bear’s Den 

Still– Daughter

Things Will Change– Treetop Flyers   

Lose Your Mind– Kodaline

Walls (Blueprint demo)- Rae Morris 

Knock Me On The Head– Stornoway        

Fallen Bird– Little Tybee   

Pray– Kodaline

Never Run Away (Single Version)- Kurt Vile  

Blush On Razor- Three Blind Wolves

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