What Have We Done

What Have We Done

(compiled July 13, 2014)

Fresh new playlists inspired by recent gigs (Lucy Rose, The Naked and Famous, Fatherson, Washington Irving, Misty Miller, Passport to Stockholm), festivals (Hozier, Half Moon Run, The National), and new discoveries (Dancing Years, Sun Kill Moon). The title track (What have we Done) is from a band that I’ve been lucky enough to see 3 times in the past month (including a private, house sessions gig). You MUST CHECK OUT this London folk/indie quartet that recently turned heads at Communion‘s Bushstock and Barn on the Farm festivals. Full band review coming soon! 


You can download all of the songs (not in their original order) from box.com:


Not all tracks show up on Spotify (see full list below):


An Island- Fatherson

Girls Like You- The Naked And Famous  

Bikes- Lucy Rose   

Heavenly Father- Bon Iver           

What Have We Done- Passport To Stockholm

Mistaken For Strangers- The National   

Drug You- Half Moon Run       

Hometown- Fatherson

Reality- Passport To Stockholm  

Watch Over- Lucy Rose

Cat Stevens- Fatherson

Islands- Washington Irving

What We Want- The Naked And Famous               

Grow Old With Me- Tom Odell      

Cover Up- Lucy Rose         

Half the Things- Fatherson

Carousel- Passport To Stockholm                               

I Should Live In Salt- The National          

Work Song- Hozier

James- Fatherson

Shiver- Lucy Rose  

Chemistry- Passport To Stockholm

Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes- Sun Kil Moon 

Taxi Cab- Misty Miller            

Places We’ve Roamed- Dancing Years  

Carissa- Sun Kil Moon   

Nerve- Half Moon Run   

One thought on “What Have We Done

  1. […] tracks (What Have We Done, Chemistry, Reality, Carousel) on a recent playlist titled ‘What Have We Done,’ but there some other unreleased gems that you can only pocket LIVE, when you see them IN […]

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