Gregory Alan Isakov – “And your heart’s a thousand colors but they’re all shades of blue”: The Mystic Theater in Petaluma (April 28, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi


Crazy odds that Gregory Alan Isakov happened to be touring through NorCal when my friend Jensyn Lynn Hallett (the one who first introduced me to him) was also visiting from Arkansas. Unreal! You BETTER BELIEVE we were both FRONT and (left) CENTER. Enjoying their beautiful tunes alongside a fellow music lover like Jen (we actually met at a Ra Ra Riot show 7 years ago) was much more memorable than when seeing them a 4 times before without her by my side. There are some people that just GET IT, and she is def one of them. I know that we’ll both continue to blast off to their “sad songs about space” (how Gregory describes his music to little old ladies in foreign countries) for years to come. Their set was stacked with many old favorites (The Universe, Stable Song, Second Chances, Big Black Car, Saint Valentine, Master and the Hound Astronaut), and I especially loved the epic encore of ‘All Shade of Blue‘ performed in a raw, rustic roots style with the band huddled together in front of the microphone (what Gregory calls the “nerdy part”). I could listen to those violin and banjo jams all night!.. And you better believe I told exactly THAT to the violinist and cellist when they sat next to our table at a bar later that night. Some things are just meant to be. #gregoryalanisakov #mystictheaterpetaluma #allshadesofblue #sadsongsaboutspace #somethingsaremeanttobe Mystic Theatre Folkyeah Presents For Folk’s Sake

*Check out full videos from the night on my YouTube:

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