Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival– Davis, CA with Ben Sollee (July 12, 2012)

With both Elephant Revival and Ben Sollee headed to California’s High Sierra music festival in July 2012, it made sense that they would both hit up Davis together as side gig on the way. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Elephant Revival, but when I saw the washboard take front and centre, I knew it was going to be some hard core bluegrass. Led by Bonnie Paine, the fierce woman with the washboard, this Colorado quintet blends bluegrass with orignal Irish/Scottish folk influences. A far cry from the cornfields!



IMG_1501-1 IMG_1501-2 IMG_1501-5 IMG_1501-6 IMG_1501-10 IMG_1501-13 IMG_1501-17 IMG_1501-19 IMG_1501-24 IMG_1501 IMG_1502-1 IMG_1502-13

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