Ballad of a Patient Man

Ballad of a Patient Man

(compiled Aug 31, 2014)

A long overdue playlist (this one’s LOADED) inspired by artists I recently saw at Green Man (Augustines, Highasakite, Kurt Vile, Sun Kil Moon, Boy & Bear, Sharon Van Etten, The War on Drugs, Nick Mulvey, Jonathan Wilson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic) and elsewhere (The Twilight Sad, Owl John, Imogen Heap), as well as artists releasing new singles (Passport to Stockholm, Sir Sly, Saint Raymond, Catfish and the Bottlemen) and new albums (Sivu, Angus & Julia Stone, Trevor Hall). The playlist title is inspired by a more obscure song (Ballad of a Patient Man) by Augustines, who are hands down my favorite band at the moment. I also posted a few gems from their pre-Augustine days when Billy Eric were in a band called Pela.

Fortunately, I have been able to see Augustines 4 times since January, which included their recent set at Green Man festival in Wales. And, what CRAZY ODDS that I would not only get to see them in their birthday month (their birthdays inspired the band name), but that I would get to see them at the PINNACLE (pretty much) of their birthday month. An amazing performance that I will never forget, and I don’t think they will either:  “…such an amazing experience for us. The crowd spontaneously sang Happy Birthday to us under the night sky. Its hard to describe to you how big our smiles were. Special thanks to Wales, and cheers to all of you. Best birthday ever.” -Bill, Eric, and Rob   🙂
(I’m just a BIT BITTER that I won’t get to see them when they return to London in December because I’ll already be in Melbourne for a research exchange…RAWR!)

Here are two reviews (Augustines and Sun Kil Moon) I posted from Green Man:


You can download all of the songs on the playlist from account if you CLICK HERE:

(…and you should put it in the order of the actual playlist if you have time…there definitely is an intentional flow to it!)

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up so see full list below):


Imperfections – Passport to Stockholm 

Since Last Wednesday- Highasakite

Latitudes- Pela

Air Bud- Kurt Vile 

Fall At Your Feet- Saint Raymond        

Hiroshima- Highasakite

Ballad Of A Patient Man- Augustines

Lover Where Do You Live?- Highasakite

Young Blood- Saint Raymond  

Better Man Than He- Sivu

The Listening Chair- Imogen Heap    

Venom- Pela

I The Hand Grenade- Highasakite

Cycle Song- Imogen Heap            

Suck- The Twilight Sad 

Darth Vader- Highasakite

Episodes- Pela

I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love- Sun Kil Moon   

Harlequin Dream- Boy & Bear 

The Wrong Car (acoustic)- The Twilight Sad

Your Haunt Me- Sir Sly 

All In Time- Pela

Grizzly Bear- Angus & Julia Stone

Fallout- Catfish and the Bottlemen  

Jagadeesha- Trevor Hall  

Songs About Roses- Owl John

Song For Richard Collopy- Sun Kil Moon

Eyes To The Wind- The War On Drugs 

The Trellis- Nick Mulvey

Get Home- Angus & Julia Stone

Green Mountain State- Trevor Hall  

Me The Machine- Imogen Heap 

Uk Blues- Sun Kil Moon

I Know- Sharon Van Etten   

O Haleakala- Trevor Hall   

Desert Raven- Jonathan Wilson

Vapour- Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Paper Girl- July Talk

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