I’m Wrong

I’m Wrong

(compiled August 13, 2012)

Spotify playlist (not all tracks show up…see full list below):


Locked Out– Freelance Whales

Peace Signs– Sharon Van Etten                         (my live version)

About to Die– Dirty Projectors

Leonard– Sharon Van Etten                  (my live version)

Lover’s game– Geographer

1957– Milo Greene

I’m wrong– Sharon Van Etten                    (my live version)

The Gardner– Tallest Man on Earth

Civilian– Wye Oak                (my live version)

Something Good– Alt-J

Give out– Sharon Van Etten                      (my live version)

The Myth of Youth– Geographer

Dog Eyes– Wye Oak                    (my live version)

Gossamer– Passion Pit

Warsaw– Sharon Van Etten                 (my live version)

Tesselate– Alt-J

Don’t You Give Up on Me– Milo Greene

Philadelphia (the city of Brotherly Love) We are Augustines

Blinders– Geographer

Sleep Alone– Two Door Cinema Club

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