All This Wandering Around

All This Wandering Around

(compiled March 14, 2015)

 New playlist (way overdue!) who’s title was inspired a new EP/tour from Ivan & Alyosha​ (thanks for introducing them to me a while back, Heather Polley​!), a new album/tour from PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING​ and Jose Gonzalez​ (LOVE). It was also inspired by an early release from Geographer​‘s upcoming album (SO STOKED, Cori Freeland​ and Paige Parsons​!), as well as debut EP’s for the lovely Keto​ (who’s voice reminds me of Sharon Van Etten​) and I Am Machi​ (thanks for the introduction, Tamanna Khurana​). Gems from Bleachers​ (thanks for the rec, Karen Schuyler​), The Paper Kites (thanks for the rec, Jensyn Lynn Hallett​), Bad Veins​ (the lyrics remind me of a mantra you always swore by, Andy Colossal Bluhm​), Paper Aeroplanes​ (thought you would appreciate Alistair Mackenzie​), Hey Rosetta!​ (Sylvia Garcia Borgo​), and Hey Marseilles​. New discoveries include These Ghosts​, Cavanagh and Argus​ (thanks for the introduction, Mick Hazelman​), and Dark Fair​ (who I saw last night for free!). Then there’s a gem from the hugely popular Milky Chance​ and from the new The Airborne Toxic Event​ album (released somewhat undercover, Andy Polak​). I also included a track from Penny and Sparrow​, who’s recent SF show I was able to get feedback and footage from the thoughtful Heather Polley. It also includes a track from the Brisbane-based, electro-pop star-in-the-making, Wafia​ (good pals with Vancouver Sleep Clinic​), who Rosie Werner-Grant​ and I were lucky enough to see when she opened for Sylvan Esso​ back in January), as well as a track from the new very impressive Icelandic TALENT, Kaleo​, that I predict will BLOW UP in the next year (mark my words, Gis Von Ice​!), especially after their appearance at SXSW​ this month (so lucky to have seen them at the 2014 Iceland Airwaves Music Festival​). Overall, this playlist’s title track (“All This Wandering Around“) definitely reflects my current mental state as I learn to fine-tune my balance of work/play/travel WANDERING AROUND here on my short Melbourne journey!


You can download all of the songs on the playlist from account if you CLICK HERE:

(…and you should put it in the order of the actual playlist if you have time…there definitely is an intentional flow to it!)

*Not all tracks show up on Spotify so see full list below:

Let It Carry You- Jose Gonzalez          

Like A River Runs- Bleachers

All This Wandering Around- Ivan and Alyosha  

Fires by Foxes- I Am Machi    

The Other Side- Public Service Broadcasting

Let Me Love You (prod. Thrupence)- Wafia

Be Your Man- Ivan and Alyosha   

Kindness- Bad Veins  

Leaf Off / The Cave- Jose Gonzalez   

Broken Bones- Kaleo

Seige- I Am Machi  

After the Storm- Cavanagh And Argus

Running for Cover- Ivan and Alyosha  

Need- Geographer

Trail- Cavanagh And Argus

Listen Up- Dark Fair                                         

Malleable Beings- The Paper Kites

Young Blood- These Ghosts   

Sadnecessary- Milky Chance  

Flee- Paper Aeroplanes

Bread And Bleeding- Penny And Sparrow      

Change- Keto

Stories We Build, Stories We Tell- Jose Gonzalez      

Go!- Public Service Broadcasting   

Red Rover- Paper Aeroplanes 

Kintsukuroi- Hey Rosetta!             

For the Taking- Cavanagh And Argus 

Change And Change And Change And Change- The Airborne Toxic Event  

Heart Beats- Hey Marseilles          

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