Ben Sollee

Ben Sollee– Memorial Veteran’s Theater, Davis (Jul 6, 2012)

Amos Lee/Andrew Bird/Paul Simon…Mix that GOODNESS up and you’ve got yourself a lil’ BEN SOLLEE. I’ve never seen anyone do the things he did with his cello…using it as a guitar, base, percussion….UNREAL.

I love how playful and flirty his songs are! It’s so FREAKIN’ clever how he conveys such butterflies and sexual tension through distortions of his cello. I was so glad I got to take one of my good friends, Tami Turner, for her birthday. She plays the cello and said it was a real inspiration to start practicing more (get it guuuuurl).  I was wowed by him in Davis and I”m spreading the word to my buddies, EVERYWHERE.  I admire all that he does and everything he stands for! You can read more here:


How to See the Sunrise  

Hurting    (my favorite)

Prettiest Tree on the Mountain   (very sweet)

Electrified    (awesome)

It’s Not Impossible 


The Globe 

A Few Honest Words

Something, Somewhere, Sometime


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