All My Days

All My Days

(compiled Jan 24, 2014)

Fresh new playlist inspired by recent gigs/festivals (Sharon Van Etten, Wolf Gang, Alexi Murdoch, Alex Vargas, Amber Run, Hozier, The Twilight Sad, Washington Irving, George Ezra, Sam Airey) and new discoveries (Genghar, Rubblebucket, The Dancing Years, The Franklin Electric, Gregory Alan Isakov). Seeing Alexi Murdoch for the first time (at Communion’s Bushstock) was a HUGE MUSICAL MOMENT for me, and my next big review will be on HIM. With <5 mon left in London, listening to his ‘Time Without Consequence’ album again has stirred up new epiphanies, and I’m ready take “All My Days” elsewhere. He’s helped me to remember the simple things: “Your whole life is here, no 11th hr reprieve, So don’t forget to breathe.” ❤

Playlist on Spotify (not all of the tracks show up…see full list below):


All My Days- Alexi Murdoch   

Sisi- Washington Irving   

From Eden- Hozier     

I Became a Prostitute- The Twilight Sad   

Stay And Defend- Wolf Gang

Break Me- Sharon Van Etten 

Heaven- Amber Run  

Benjamin Twine- George Ezra 

Station Approach- Sam Airey

Palomides- Washington Irving

Some Day Soon- Alexi Murdoch        

Hide & Seek- Amber Run    

You Should Be Glad You Got a Man- The Family Rain   

You Know Me Well- Sharon Van Etten          

Unsatified – The Franklin Electric    

Phantom Buck- Washington Irving    

Breathe- Alexi Murdoch         

Last Bayou- Wolf Gang                                 

Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl- Dancing Years    

Silly Fathers- Rubblebucket

San Francisco- Gregory Alan Isakov

To All The Peices Of The Puzzle- Sam Airey 

Black River- Wolf Gang   

I Love You But I’m Lost- Sharon Van Etten    

And She Would Darken The Memory- The Twilight Sad      

More- Alex Vargas       

Dizzy Ghosts- Genghar

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