George Ezra- “Give Me One Good Reason Why I Should Never Make a Change”

George Ezra– The Electric Ballroom, London

(June 18, 2014)

Ever since I saw George Ezra at last year’s Communion Bushstock festival, I knew this young chap was BOUND FOR STARDOM. With a voice very much beyond his years and a bit reminiscent of the legendary Johnny Cash, George and his guitar are enough to DROP JAWS and TURN HEADS. Following up on Bushstock, I was lucky enough to catch George at tiny venues (Queen of Hoxton, Nottinghill Arts Club) within the next few months, and even got to hang with him after the Queen of Hoxton gig (which was FREE and pretty much a personal gig since only a few people came!)…I remember telling him how much I enjoyed his recent performances and how I predicted that he would BLOW UP within the next year, especially after snagging a slot on the BBC introducing stage at Glastonbury 2013. My prediction proved to be SPOT ON, and within a year George was headlining SOLD OUT Europe/UK tours, and topping the UK charts. Just recently I saw George Ezra featured in the London Metro, and I couldn’t help but pat myself on the back a bit for spreading the word about him A YEAR AGO during his TRAVELING TROUBADOUR days. I remember him talking about not having a place to stay in Paris when his hostel was full and how he never wanted to HEAR THE RAIN again because he caught in a storm all night. I guess it’s ironic that his song, ‘Did You Hear the Rain?‘ is now a top hit on the radio and his other song, ‘Budapest‘ (one of my favorites), climbed to #4 on UK charts. I feel pretty lucky to have caught him when he was just starting out and I could watch him from arms-reach away in a tiny venue (see pics/videos below). And I must admit…I like his raw, Johnny Cash-esque style of his troubadour days much more than his studio produced/band-backed sound, but at least he’s GETTING THE CREDIT HE DESERVES. After George’s epic set (see full set list below) at the Electric Ballroom this month (June 18), We are all excited for the release of his debut album (Cassio) in August.

Set List: Blame It on Me, Drawing Board, List to the Name, Casio, Barcelona, Over the Creek, Leaving it Up to You, Stand By You Gun, Spectacular Rival, Budapest, Benjamin Twine, Did You Hear the Rain


IMG_9552 IMG_9553IMG_9555 IMG_9556 IMG_9557 IMG_9576 IMG_9577 IMG_9578
IMG_9540 IMG_9543 IMG_9544 IMG_9546


George Ezra– NottingHill Arts Club, London

(Oct 8, 2013)


Blame It On Me:

Drawing Board:

Did You Hear the Rain:


IMG_3357 IMG_3359 IMG_3362 IMG_3365 IMG_3367 IMG_3369 IMG_3370 IMG_3371

George Ezra– The Queen of Hoxton, London

(July 1, 2013)




Stand By Your Gun:

Benjamin Twine:

Did You Hear the Rain:



IMG_1040 IMG_1051



George Ezra– Bushstock, London

(July 1, 2013)



Stand By Your Gun:


Did You Hear The Rain:


IMG_0460 IMG_9811


One thought on “George Ezra- “Give Me One Good Reason Why I Should Never Make a Change”

  1. eandreoz says:

    I still can’t believe that I was arm-in-arm with him at a tiny bar in June 2013, convincing him that his first Glastonbury performance that month was going to be great and that I had a strong prediction that he would BLOW UP. Well…shoulda caught that on tape or something, cause no one I tell ever seems to believe me now. At least I have a pic with him, documenting that moment (click on link below). I must admit though (hate to dampen your spirit) that I really preferred George’s solo stuff, and I cringe every time I hear how his music label altered his bluesy/rustic sound to be more poppy (probably thinking it would get better radio play). Luckily I have recorded most of his songs pre-label, so you can discover the original Johnny Cash-esque George Ezra and decide for yourself what you prefer (click on link below). It’s definitely worth it to check out songs like Budapest, Did You Hear the Rain, Blame it On Me, Drawing Board, and Stand by You Gun from their pristine beginnings. I’m riding THAT George train, ‘m hoping one day he’ll go back. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

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