Now You Are Free

Now You Are Free

(compiled February 22, 2014)

Fresh playlist inspired by my recent obsession, Augustines, who I saw last month at a tiny venue in London and could not stop listening to on repeat (actually one of the reasons why this playlist is a bit delayed). Their new album is ACE, and it had me hooked for a solid few weeks (still does!). There are no weak songs, which is why I found it hard to pick a select few for this playlists. ‘Now You Are Free’ and ‘Walkabout’ very much resonate with my life right now, and therefore stand out (but I really can’t discriminate cause I love them all). This playlist is also inspired by other recent gigs (The Neighbourhood, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Family Rain, Brother And Bones, SHY NATURE, ETCHES), new releases by Foster The People and Bear Hands, and new discoveries (Katie Herzig, Will Dailey, goodbyemotel).

Playlist on Spotify (not all  tracks show up…full list below):



Cruel City– Augustines

Female Robbery– The Neighbourhood

Carry Me Bombay Bicycle Club     

Weary Eyes– Augustines

Binocular– The Family Rain

Lie Back– Shy Nature      

Monster– Bear Hands     

Don’t You Look Back– Augustines

Castle Of Pretending– Will Dailey      

Feel Better (FRANK)– The Family Rain      

Coming Of Age– Foster The People    

Now You Are Free– Augustines

Lost And Found– Katie Herzig

Follow Me Down– Brother & Bones     

Whenever, Wherever– Bombay Bicycle Club  

Information– Goodbyemotel

Flawless– The Neighbourhood

Together– The Family Rain   

Walkabout– Augustines

Wish You Well– Katie Herzig   

Fine– Shy Nature     

Let’s Move In– Etches     (live at Sebright Arms)

Set it Off– Goodbyemotel

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