Up All Night (Playlist: Oct 29, 2017)

Up all Night

Compiled by Erica Andreozzi

FRESH NEW PLAYLIST (54 songs) inspired by recent shows/sets (The War on Drugs, Benjamin Booker, She Keeps Bees, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, Jen Cloher, Tash Sultana, Pierce Brothers, Silversun Pickups, Father John Misty, Minus the Bear, Broken Social Science, The Belle Game, The National, Public Service Broadcasting, Skyscraper Mori, Maggie Rogers, Frendship, and Oh Wonder). There was additional influence from recent track/album releases by Charlotte Cardin, Walk the Moon, Overcoats Tune-Yards, Sharon Van Etten, and Outlines (side project of James Graham from The Twilight Sad). Although title track ‘Up All Night‘ was on my previous playlist (Capsized), I included it here since it was my ULTIMATE ANTHEM for Sept/Oct and FLIPPED MY LID when I saw this live at the Greek Theater Berkeley earlier this month.
“There’s no way, If I hold on
The shots may ring, Through a lonely hall
But the hole in my head, Emptied out into a love
Came pouring out into a life”

That show was one of my top 10 for 2017, and you can see why in my War On Drugs review. Other reviews can be found here: Benjamin Booker, She Keeps Bees, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, Tash Sultana, Pierce Brothers, Silversun Pickups, Minus the Bear, Broken Social Science, and Public Service Broadcasting

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Previous Playlists: Capsized, Creature Comfort, I Know You Know, Feeling Electric, Wake Up, Oceans Away, I Want it All, Standing Rock, Jungle, When Things Fall Apart, and more…

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  1. On + Off- Maggie Rogers
  2. Truth Is Heavy- Benjamin Booker
  3. Surrender-  Walk the Moon
  4. Gimmie- She Keeps Bees
  5. Up All Night- The War On Drugs
  6. Main Girl- Charlotte Cardin
  7. The Wild Kind- Silversun Pickups
  8. Keep In Mind- Pierce Brothers
  9. Protest Song- Broken Social Scene
  10. Continental Breakfast- Courtney Barnett And Kurt Vile
  11. High On Humans- Oh Wonder
  12. Believe- Benjamin Booker
  13. Friendly Fires- Silversun Pickups
  14. Spirit- The Belle Game
  15. Murder to the Mind- Tash Sultana
  16. Untogether- Courtney Barnett And Kurt Vile
  17. Split Stones- Maggie Rogers
  18. Invisible- Minus The Bear
  19. Breezy- She Keeps Bees
  20. Latchkey Kids- Silversun Pickups
  21. Up Again-  The Belle Game
  22. The Slow Drag Under-  Benjamin Booker
  23. Towers And Masons- Broken Social Scene
  24. Fear Is Like A Forest- Courtney Barnett And Kurt Vile
  25. Carpet- Frenship
  26. Take A Shot- Pierce Brothers
  27. Mystik- Tash Sultana
  28. Wait Up For You- The Belle Game
  29. Over Everything- Courtney Barnett And Kurt Vile
  30. Cherry Wine- Overcoats
  31. Strong Woman- Jen Cloher
  32. I’ll Still Destroy You-  The National
  33. Nightcrawling- Saint Raymond
  34. Nothing To Find- The War On Drugs
  35. Ultralife- Oh Wonder
  36. Genevieve- Pierce Brothers
  37. Our Beloved Dead- Out Lines
  38. Peepin’ Tom- Courtney Barnett And Kurt Vile
  39. Winter Dream- Skyscraper Mori
  40. Flying Home (Live)- Pierce Brothers
  41. Look at Your Hands- Tune-Yards
  42. Chippewa- Benjamin Booker
  43. There Is a Saved Place- Out Lines
  44. All Or None/Dark Horse- She Keeps Bees
  45. Please Take Me With You- Broken Social Scene
  46. Kai’s Song (Acoustic)-  Overcoats
  47. Thinking Of A Place- The War On Drugs
  48. Big Smoke, Pt. 2- Tash Sultana
  49. Strangest Thing- The War On Drugs
  50. Everest- Public Service Broadcasting
  51. Born To Beg- The National
  52. Measures & Locations- Skyscraper Mori
  53. I Wish I Knew- Sharon Van Etten
  54. Ballad Of The Dying Man- Father John Misty

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Pierce Brothers: “Just keep in mind, I’ll be there for you, You’ll be next to my heart” – The Fillmore in SF (Oct 21, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi


STILL AMPED UP after the INSANELY AWESOME, INCREDIBLY INFECTIOUS performance by The Pierce Brothers opening for Tash Sultana at The Fillmore. These awesome Aussie twins (Jack and Pat) have been kicking up dust all over the world, wowing people with their high octane energy and pure joy for their craft. I was mad impressed by their unique DIY setup and their ingenious blend of dugeridoo, percussion (bongos/cans), tambourine, harmonica, and guitar, and at one point Jack even started tapping the stage equipment (light scaffolds) right in front of me to create new sounds. I couldn’t believe he was playing tambourine with his foot while banging on percussion and blowing into his dugeridoo. That’s some crazy coordination! But what impressed me the most was ability for Jack and Pat to deliver a boot-stomping, heart-throbbing, head-bopping performance despite their equipment breaking on stage. Their “one shot is all I got” attitude was greatly appreciated by everyone watching. I also really appreciated the message that Jack delivered before playing the song ‘Genevieve‘ that they wrote for their sister suffering from cancer: “There’s always love and support if you reach out, and that’s what we’re going to do right now.” I will DEFINITELY be seeing them again when they return to SF, and when they do, I  will have to bring sturdier boots! My heal actually broke off during their set! ❤


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Glow Long (Playlist: Feb 11, 2016)

Glow Long

Compiled Feb 11, 2016

LONG OVERDUE playlist inspired by recent shows (Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, Half Moon Run, Samantha Crain, Max Frost), as well as new discoveries (Owl Paws, Emilie & Ogden) from their awesome opening acts. I especially tip my hap to Owl Paws, a local band (reminds me of Local Natives) who plays many SF venues and who I hope to see at the Chapel at the end of this month. Speaking of the Chapel, I wrote two reviews for both Joshua Radin and Julia Holter when I caught them at the Chapel month.

Max Frost and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats were definite STANDOUTS for me overall, and you can read more about them in my blog reviews. Knowing that I loved Max Frost, one of my expert music buddies recommended I check out Caught a Ghost, a LA-based artist that surely DID peak my interest (hints of Max Frost and Prefuse 73) and who I hope makes his way up to NorCal for a tour. Other new discoveries were Judah & the Lion, Saintseneca, and PENGUIN PRISON, who recently BLEW MY MIND and was a VERY PLEASANT SURPRISE when I checked them out last nigh on a WHIM. My next playlist (ready to launch tomorrow) will showcase Penguin Prison‘s standout hit, ‘Show Me the Way,’ as my title track and go-to theme song. I will most DEFINITELY be writing a review for them within the next few days. The last few tracks making it on this playlist were new hits from olders bands that I have followed for years and years: Pepper and Givers.


Here’s a Spotify playlist with most of the songs (some still missing):


You can download all of the songs (out of order) from my link on Box.com



Withdrawal- Max Frost

Jagged Grin- Owl Paws

Killer- Samantha Crain

Never Gets Old-  Penguin Prison   
Record High Record Low- Givers  
Glow Long- Max Frost   
Trust- Half Moon Run   
Look It Here- Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats   
Time Go- Caught A Ghost  
Elk City-  Samantha Crain  
Be Who You Want To Be- Max Frost   
Kickin’ Da Leaves- Judah & the Lion   
Sun Leads Me On- Half Moon Run   
Bring Me Back- Owl Paws 
When You Come Back- Samantha Crain 
Such Things- Saintseneca
Suspended Animation- Max Frost  
Howling At Nothing-  Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats   
Start You Up- Pepper
Coils Of Spring- Owl Paws   
Ten Thousand- Emilie & Ogden   
Let Me Down Easy- Max Frost

West Coast (playlist: Dec 10, 2015)

West Coast

Compiled Dec 10, 2015

Following up on my previous playlist — ‘Coming Home — I’ve launched a new playlist called ‘West Coast,’ as this title track by the Seattle-based band, Hey Marseilles, embodies the essence of WHY I moved back to California. This song reminded me of WHY it was ALL WORTH IT, and I can’t help but RAWR along with the catchy chorus, “Meet me on the west coast… We’ll make it our own.” I was lucky enough to see Hey Marseilles live for the first time in September, and I look forward to seeing them again at The Independent in March for their new album launch.

Aside from Hey Marseilles, other bands I’ve recently seen that inspired this playlist are Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Nightsweats, City and Colour, Boy & Bear, Doe Paoro, Little May (who’s song ‘Bow and Arrow‘ was another track I had on CONSTANT REPEAT),  Aero Flynn (as an opener for Minus the Bear), Of Monsters and Men, Youth Lagoon, and Penny and Sparrow.

New discoveries that I have yet to see live and are very much on my radar, are Tow’rs, King Charles (recently on tour with Mumford & Sons), Julien Baker, El Vy (I LOVE Matt Berninger from The National), Max Frost, Seoul (opener for We Were Promised Jetpacks at The Great American Music Hall last month), and This is Koa (recently featured on Noisetrade).

Although the Staves are not a new discovery — as I have LOVED THEM ever since watching Communion’s Austin to Boston music documentary —I have YET to be SEDUCED by these SOOTHING SIREN SISTERS in the flesh, and I can’t wait till they come back for another US tour (hopefully for US summer festivals!). Having been produced by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir, their new album — If I was — is a MAGICAL MASTERPIECE and was one of the only things keeping my sane during recent rough times. ‘No me, no you, no more,’ was a standout track for me, and was one I frequently sang to in order to calm my nerves and soothe the soul. Finally, I’m excited to see one of my FAVORITE ICELANDIC BANDS — Kaleo — again this spring after first discovering them at Iceland Airwaves last year. It’s SUPER EXCITING to see them breaking new ground with their new songs and becoming quite a INTERNATIONAL HIT, just as I thought they would. Now, if you shall MEET ME ON THE WEST COAST… 🙂

Here’s a Spotify playlist with most of the songs (some still missing):


You can download all of the songs (out of order) from my link on Box.com



No Me, No You, No More-  The Staves
Wasted Love- City And Colour
Helm- Tow’rs   
West Coast- Hey Marseilles   
Where’d You Go- Boy & Bear  
Bow & Arrow- Little May   
Return To The Moon- El Vy  
Hypotheticals- Doe Padro   
I Need Never Get Old- Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats   
Killing Time- City And Colour   
Dk/Pi- Aero Flynn   
No Good-  Kaleo
Hollow Ground- Boy & Bear   
Northern Blues- City And Colour  
Love Lust- King Charles   
Home- Little May   
I’ve Been Failing – Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats   
Walking Backwards- Doe Padro   
Just Dumb- Boy & Bear   
White Lies- Max Frost   
Everybody Does- Julien Baker   
Woman- City And Colour   
LoveBlood- King Charles   
Paul Is Alive- El Vy   
Trying So Hard Not To Know- Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats Twist- Aero Flynn
Breakdown Slow- Boy & Bear  
The Brightest Lights- King Charles  
Damn It All- The Staves
Highway Patrol Stun Gun- Youth Lagoon  
What Now- This is Koa
Stay With Us- Seoul
Wolves Without Teeth- Of Monsters And Men  
Duet (Feat. Stephanie Briggs)- Penny And Sparrow 

Coming Home (playlist: Nov 5, 2015)

Coming Home

(compiled Nov 6, 2015)

Travels and transitions (moving across the world) always results in my playlists taking a backseat, despite how important they are to maintaining my sanity and well being. They truly are a rhythmical road map to my peace of mind and self-awareness, offering a common ground when I am on foreign ground. No matter how transient or unpredictable life gets, my playlists remain a constant, an extension of something familiar. It have officially been over FOUR MONTHS (longest hiatus yet) since I’ve compiled my last playlist, but let me tell ya, I’ve brewed up something SUPER SPECIAL. It’s got to be one of the TOP TEN of my all my playlists (80+) thus far.

This playlist title (‘Coming Home‘) is inspired by one of the hit tracks from a new favorite artist of mine — Leon Bridges — that I discovered back in June from my sister. I was also lucky enough to see him at Outside Lands (OSL) music festival this year in San Francisco (first OSL in 3 years), and WOW was he something else. Living up to his title as “the new Sam Cooke,” Leon Bridges will have you movin’ and groovin’ and finding your Motown Mojo. ‘Coming Home’ also reflects my MOVE BACK to Northern California where I had always left my heart and knew I would be “coming home” to. Milky Chance was another band that I saw for the first time live at OSL, and I was very impressed by the live rendition of their songs (especially those with the insane harmonica solos!). Right after OSL, I was lucky enough to catch the Seattle-based folk rock six piece — Hey Marseilles — that I had wanted to see ever since leaving California in 2012. Unfortunately that meant me waiting 3 years because this band never made it on tour to the UK or to Australia. Hey Marsailles was INCREDIBLE (very surprised that they do not have a larger fan base), and their opener LA-based opener — Wildling— was awesome as well (check out their cover of Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold‘ that I included on here). Around this same time, I was also listening to some new albums from two of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS, Foals and Ratatat. I was especially excited to see that Ratatat has put out a new record because it had been nearly 5 years since generating any new material. Seeing them live at Bonnaroo in 2011 will forever mark them as one of the greatest live acts, and it’s super cool to know that my buddy Alex Barnett was their guitar tech for Ratatat’s recent shows in France. I also want to give a shout out to the amazing tunes (check out ‘Loosen Up‘) coming from Travis is a Tourist, an Belfast-based artist I was lucky enough to see and meet when he played a small pub in London last year.

With early October bringing about San Francisco’s famous FREE Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (HSB) festival, I was able to FINALLY SEE The Oh Hellos, another band that I had wanted to see since leaving California but never because they never toured outside the states. Having been FRONT & CENTER for their performance and knowing almost every lyric to their songs, I nearly had an ANEURYSM when they started to play ‘Hello My Old Heart,’ one of my LIFE ANTHEMS. This 10 piece folk rock group BLEW ME AWAY, and their relentless energy — triple drums, fierce stomping, feverish violins, banjo breakdowns — had me in quite a favorable frenzy. I still plan on writing a full review about them and I guarantee they will be back here in the Bay Area soon enough, especially to promote the release of their new album, ‘Dear Wormwood’. They were an obvious HSB festival standout, as was the band that played before them, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. This pint-size powerhouse (my size and frame) leading this band had pipes that could shake up the tree in ALL of Golden Gate park, and I really hope they come back next year so I can sing along to their super catchy tune, ‘Sugar.’ By the way, if you like the sound of The Oh Hellos, then you should be sure to check out Wild Child, who recently were recently in town for a show at the Independent. Another new band I saw at HSB was The Sheepdogs, hailing from Canada and dishing out a healthy serving of pure ROCK. I really enjoyed singing along with the crowd to their hilarious hit song, ‘I Don’t Know.’

Soon after HSB, I made sure to not miss Kurt Vile when he added a second night (aside from the Filmore) to play at Slims in San Francisco. This was my 5th time seeing the Violater (who also happens to be from Philly like me), and no disappointment to be had. He consistently brings his game, with the name of the game obviously being to VIOLATE US with his incredible guitar-plucking skills (he first learned on a banjo!) and experimentation with lo-fi elements/sound distortion. There is no doubt that Kurt will continue to amaze and amuse (such a unique songwriter) with his music, and that the new album (‘Believe I’m Going down’) will be received well on his upcoming world tour (especially with that siiiiiick single, ‘Pretty Pimpin‘). Other bands that I saw that month were Daughter/Ben Howard, Of Monsters and Men, and Little Green Cars/Hozier, all 3 Fridays back-to-back at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley.

More recently, I FINALLY broke my music review hiatus (many to get to in the huge backlog!) with a review of Little May‘s awesome performance at The Independent on Monday night. This was their first show in San Francisco and you can tell they are excited to get back here again, hopefully for OSL this summer. They just released a new album — ‘For the Company’ — that was produced by the incredible Aaron Desser of The National. Having been on tour with Angus and Julia Stone and soon City and Colour, there is no stopping this awesomely adorable trio of Sydney-based Sirens. Learn more from my review here!  Also hailing from Australia is the AMAZING Boy & Bear that have just released a new album — ‘Limit of Love’ — and will be playing at Brick and Mortar (such a TINY VENUE for this folk rock powerhouse) on Nov 19. I have seen them a handful of times before in the UK but am super stoked to see them again since this new album release (see below for my favorites from this new album). Speaking of the UK, the Sister Sirens that are The Staves have released their much anticipated new album that was produced by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir. Their harmonies are simply MAGICAL and must be attributed to their physiological bond as sisters. Speaking of Volcano Choir, the soulful singer that opened for Little May — Doe Paoro — had previously worked with Justin and others from Volcano Choir to produce her recent album, ‘After.’ Half Moon Run — a band that I deemed my FAVORITE NEW BAND of 2013 and saw 4 times in 5 months — also just released a new album called ‘Sun Leads Me On,’ and I am very excited to see them in San Francisco in January. Finally, one of my favorite bands HAILING FROM San Francisco — Geographer — just released a unique and catchy spin on Paul Simon‘s ‘I Know What I Know’ and I can’t WAIT to see this one live when they play in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve.

Now go grab some headphones and HAVE A LISTEN to this playlist that I am OH SO PROUD OF.  Rock on. 🙂


Here’s a Spotify playlist with most of the songs (some still missing):


You can download all of the songs (out of order) from my link on Box.com



Coming Home- Leon Bridges   
Walk The Wire- Boy & Bear 
Crystals- Of Monsters And Men  
Pretty Pimpin- Kurt Vile   
Sugar- Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds   
To Travels & Trunks- Hey Marseilles  
Mountain At My Gates- Foals
The Shine Is Brighter At Night- Little May  
The Kitchen- Tow’rs  
Steady- The Staves   
Heart Beats- Hey Marseilles   
Brown Skin Girl- Leon Bridges   
Loosen Up- Travis Is A Tourist   
Heart of Gold- Wildling
Cream On Chrome- Ratatat
Seven Hours- Little May   
Bright Stars Burning- Hey Marseilles   
Turn Your Love- Half Moon Run   
I Don’t Know- The Sheepdogs   
Bitter Water- The Oh Hellos   
Where’d You Go- Boy & Bear   
Let Me Down- The Staves       
Fools- Wild Child  
A Thousand Faces- Boy & Bear 
Feathery- Milky Chance 
Better Man- Leon Bridges 

I Know What I Know (Paul Simon cover)- Geographer
In A Week (Feat. Karen Cowley)- Hozier
Traveling- Doe Padro 
Limit Of Love- Boy & Bear   
Make It Holy- The Staves   
Exeunt- The Oh Hellos
Bow & Arrow- Little May   
Dust Bunnies- Kurt Vile  
Abrasive- Ratatat

Too Much (playlist: May 2, 2015)

Too Much

(compiled May 2, 2015)

 EXTREMELY LONG OVERDUE PLAYLIST inspired by new albums from Alabama Shakes​, Geographer​, courtney barnett​, Father John Misty​, and Laura Marling ​. All of these artists I’ve been lucky enough to see at least twice in my lifetime EXCEPT for Father John Misty, who I need to thank Marissa Andreozzi​ and Sylvia Garcia Borgo​ for getting me hooked on him (hot damn). Alabama Shakes and Geographer were two bands who I could not get ENOUGH OF during their 2012 album tours, and I was so stoked to see that they released new albums around the same time this year. Courtney was another artist I was lucky enough to see her during the early touring circuit of her debut double EP, and I’m EVEN LUCKIER to get to SEE HER PLAY in her HOMETOWN OF MELBOURNE in two weeks. Unfortunately I left London JUST AS Laura Marling was moving back from her 2 year hiatus in Southern California (LOVE HER). At least I got to hear the inside scoop of her recent London show from my buddy Steve Paul​. This playlist was also inspired by an INCREDIBLE GROVE down MEMORY LANE with a Jurassic 5​ show in Melbourne last month after not seeing them in 10 years (…man do they STILL GOT IT!). It also includes new songs from one of my favorite discoveries of 2015, Zach Winters (such lovely, calming music). Other new discoveries includes Mansionair, Passenger​, Fleurie​ (reminds me a bit of Daughter​), WAVE & ROME​, Josh Garrels​, and Twerps​ (who I’m seeing tonight at their album launch gig in Melbourne) . Last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, it includes one of my FAVORITE COVERS of Bon Iver​’s ‘Heavenly Father‘ by one of my FAVORITE BANDS of 2014, Highasakite​. If you have not yet listened to the NUMBINGLY BEAUTIFUL debut album of this Norwegian band, you MUST. They are ACE, and turns they were recently announced to go on tour with Of Monsters and Men​ . I love singing along to this ‘Heavenly Father’ cover, as Ingrid’s voice is one that strikes me with a distinctively comfortable resonance. I chose Geographer‘s ‘Too Much‘ as the playlist title track because I had very much missed Mike’s distinct voice and Nate’s haunting cello ever since I first saw them back in Feb 2012 with Cori Freeland​ and Kevin Ramos​, and had waited nearly 3 years for their music revival. Thankfully I was able to get key updates and incredible pictures from Paige Parsons​ (of Paige K. Parsons Photography​) who has photographed them for a review piece in The Bay Bridged​. ‘Too Much‘ also reflects the fact that “days will take their toll if you let them,” and that wrapping up my last month in Melbourne  (so much to do still!) really has been “just too much to bear.” I guess that I ‘Need’ to have ‘Patience‘ so that ‘I’m Ready‘ for this next life chapter. ❤


You can download all of the songs on the playlist from box.com account if you CLICK HERE:


(…and you should put it in the order of the actual playlist if you have time…there definitely is an intentional flow to it!)

Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist (note that there are missing songs b/c of access):


I’m Ready- Geographer

Back 4 U- Jurassic 5

Heavenly Father – Highasakite

Don’t Wanna Fight- Alabama Shakes

Elevator Operator- Courtney Barnett

Hold Me Down- Mansionair

Chateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins)- Father John Misty

The Grass after Winter (from They Were Longing…)- Zach Winters

Across The Map- Wave & Rome

Short Movie- Laura Marling

Too Much- Geographer

Gotta Understand- Jurassic 5

Holy Shit- Father John Misty

Pedestrian At Best- Courtney Barnett

Second Night- Mansionair

All the Lines- Fleurie

Give Me Peace and Rest (from They Were Longing…)- Zach Winters

I Don’t Mind- Twerps

Dead Fox- Courtney Barnett

Need- Geographer

Walk Alone- Laura Marling

The Ideal Husband- Father John Misty

While You’re Making Other Plans (from They Were Longing…)- Zach Winters

Born Again- Josh Garrels

Gimme All Your Love- Alabama Shakes

Coins In A Fountain- Passenger

Depreston- Courtney Barnett

Patience- Geographer

Morning Light – Josh Garrels