The XX – “A rush of blood is not enough – I need my feelings set on fire”: Bill Graham in SF (April 16, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

Seeing The xx during their 3rd SOLD OUT show at SF’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium last night reminded me of the freaking PHENOMENAL TALENT that comes of the London music scene, and it made me even more grateful for having been able to soak up as much as I did when living there from 2013-2015. There’s just something so special about London’s super-saturation of collaborative artists experimenting across different genres and different ethnic backgrounds. I will never forget when I first discovered The XX at Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) 2010; Romy’s dreamy, hypnotic guitar pierced through crowded fields of shouting fans and HIT ME LIKE A BRICK WALL. Lured in quick, I drew closer only to discover a unique call-and-response of gorgeous male/female harmonies (perfect and seamless) alongside that dreamy guitar. I had never heard anything quite like it and was instantly hooked. I ended up listening to their debut album non-stop, with gems like Intro, Islands, VCR, and Heart Skipped Beat becoming instant theme songs that were synonymous with that festival and time in my life. A few years later, the release of their 2nd album, ‘Coexist,’ was synonymous with my excitement and anticipation for moving to London, and I remember listening to Fiction on repeat as I was packing up boxes. Their most recent album (‘I See You‘) comes to me when I’m settled back in Cali but starting to have strong melancholy for London. Like many incredible artists hailing from London, The XX had came from an “unexpected and unambitious place” (quoted Oliver last night), and Oliver was nearly in tears as he and Romy stood up straight, guitars in the air, taking in the intense energy and adoration of their screaming fans with eyes of disbelief. They blew us all away with their set, having combined old favorites (Intro, Islands, VCR, Crystalized, shelter, Fiction, Chained) with new gems: Dangerous (Jamie XX KILLS IT in this one!), Say Something Loving, Lips, I Dare You (MY FAVORITE), Brave You, On hold, & Angels, a perfect song for Romy to leave us with: “…Being as in love with you as I am.” She then followed with a departing message that will have us back to see them in a heartbeat: “We See You, and we Love You.” Ditto. #thexx #iseeyoutour The xx – I See You Tour: San Francisco, CA Another Planet Entertainment


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Kicking off 2016 with Geographer at The Big One: “I know what I know, I’ll sing what I said.”

Bill Graham Civic Center (San Francisco, CA)
Written by Erica Andreozzi

Finally getting around to posting my pics from Geographer‘s EPIC SET at THE BIG ONE NYE event in San Francisco (Bill Graham Civic Center). I was surely grinning EAR-TO-EAR when they played my favorite three cover songs from their recent EP, Endless Motion: (1) Paul Simon‘s ‘I Know What I Know, (2) Arthur Russel‘s ‘This is How We Walk on the Moon‘, and (3) New Order‘s ‘Age of Consent.’ Can’t WAIT for their upcoming tour! 🙂


Could not have imagined a BETTER WAY to kick off 2016 than to be ROCKING OUT in SF to one of my FAVORITE SF bands of all time — Geographer had my head-bopping hard and grinning wide with their AMAZING NYE SET, including the EPIC COVER of Paul Simon‘s ‘I Know What I Know.’ SO SURREAL to finally hear this LIVE after listening to it NON-STOP for WEEKS since it’s release (Endless Motion EP) in early December! My heart is full. ❤

Can’t even EXPLAIN my anticipation for FINALLY hearing this song LIVE after being first hearing it 2 years ago and being HYPNOTIZED. That catchiness cadency behind that cello’s siiiiiick undulating rhythm is simply ADDICTIVE, and it’s a sure fire way to keep “moving me up” throughout any circumstance. This one will DEFINITELY be on my playlist for the San Francisco marathon in July. “Every step is moving me up…EVERY STEP IS MOVING ME.”

Geographer ended their AMAZING SET at THE BIG ONE NYE event with this gleeful gem. It’s hard to not smile widely and grin as your shake your hips (as per Mike’s request midway through) and bop your head to beats of that wood block. EPIC ENCORE with a SIMPLE New Year’s resolution:

“And it’s the simplest things we want
But we can never see enough
And it’s the simplest things we want.”