Jaws of Love: “You just smile cause you know that things can break but we stay alive” – Live at Cafe Du Nord (Nov 11, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi


So lucky to have caught Kelcey Ayer (nicest guy!) after the debut show of his new solo project, Jaws of Love. As one of the primary songwriters of Local Natives for roughly a decade, Kelcey has decided to step out on his own to produce a slew of brooding piano ballads laced with a fierce falsetto. “I have dark piano music in my heart and soul, and Jaws of Love is me at my truest self,” Kelcey said in a recent interview. He also said tonight that he never fit the SoCal lifestyle of wanting to be surfing outside in the sun, but instead would rather “be inside playing piano in a dark room watching a dark movie like Black Swan and shit, not very Orange County.” He said that’s why he then felt really at home and at peace when he moved to SF for a year for school. Welp, we are sure glad he brought that dark room and peaceful vibe to Cafe Du Nord , for it was easy to be swallowed by his “Jaws of Love,” one of the standout tracks on his debut album, Tash Sits Close to the Piano. We hope him and Tash (his cute husky dog) continue to sit close to the piano. 🙂


*Check out full videos from the night on my YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/eandreoz

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