Trevor Hall – “Open up and live, let that sweet love come in”: Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley (Oct 13, 2016)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

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“Trevor Hall’s music – an inspirational eclectic mix of acoustic rock, reggae & Sanskrit chanting – echo with the names & teachings of divinities, while maintaining an incredibly & refreshingly universal message.” After first discovering Trevor Hall back in 2011 by one of my good friends Jen, I was completely hooked. That voice, that VOICE. It wraps you up in a warm and fuzzy fog of love and gratitude, encouraging you to “open up and live.. The more you learn the more you give.” He kicked off his set with soul soothers from Chapter of the Forest and then weaved in newer songs like ‘Standing Rock‘ (“If you are the righteous hear it.. Stand up like a mountain”) and Madman of the Heart “If you wander now you’ll never find your way back home”). His stories behind the inspiration of Bowl of Light (“Auntie Emily!”) and the Lime Tree (“about eternity, of course”) were both hilarious and intriguing, and you almost wanna do more resource on their source (“flow festival; Halea makula; Hawaiian folklore”). But, it was Trevor’s ‘You can’t rush your healing‘ (“The more you push the more it pushes back… Time is a gift…Darkness has its teachings”) and ‘Obsidian‘ (“the music is my fortress”) that had everyone transported to another world, a “land of the Indians with constellations burning, burning”). I’m still a bit numb from last night, and am thoroughly convinced that if Trevor Hall could sing to the entire world, we’d all be at peace. “Open up and live, let that sweet love come in.” ❤️🙏🏻 Trevor Hall Trevor Hall (solo) at Sweetwater Music Hall Sweetwater Music Hall Folkyeah Presents @sweetwatermv @folkyeahevents #trevorhall #villagers #sweetwater #chapteroftheforest #youcantrushyourhealing #timeisagift #darknesshasitsteachings #musicismedicine #soothethysoul