The War on Drugs: “I resist what I cannot change, But I wanna find what can’t be found” – Greek Theater in Berkeley (October 6, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

The War On Drugs certainly gave me A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF WHO I AM at the Hearst Greek Theater in Berkeley last Friday. They mentioned being super excited to headline the Greek (it being the place where they first saw one of their greatest idols, Neil Young), and we certainly felt that energy. Having listening to their new album (‘A Deeper Understanding‘) non-stop for the past month, I was SLAYED when seeing it COME ALIVE last night with standout performances of Up All Night (LOVE THE KEYBOARD INTRO), Pain, Holding On, Nothing to Find, and Thinking of a Place (among many other hits). One of my favorite lyrics from the album is “I resist what I cannot change, and I wanna find what can’t be found,” and could not help but BELT IT OUT when the time came. I was in a serous tizzy the entire 2-hr set (continuous, no breaks), just STUNNED by Adam’s insane guitar work and the ethereal sounds emerging from his extended jam sessions with the bassist, keyboardist, drummer, and saxophone player (especially cool). His signature yelps (“Whoop!”) heightened all of our senses and kept us smiling (and yelping back!) the whole way through. MAD PROPS to The War on Drugs for keeping me UP ALL NIGHT, LOST IN A DREAM, THINKING OF A PLACE, DISAPPEARING with RED EYES (TO THE WIND), and HOLDING ON to zero PAIN with NOTHING TO FIND AN OCEAN BETWEEN THE WAVES. They certainly didn’t leave “Tangled Up In Blue” (it was one of BEST SHOWS I’ve been to ALL YEA), but this epic Bob Dylan cover did. It so happens to be my favorite Dylan’s track, and I made it known in my serous sing-a-long. It fills me with pride to think that the musical genius that is Adam Granduciel is also Philly born and Bred. Him and Kurt Vile PHEED PHILLY the PHINEST music PHEVER. He said that he was happy to be back in ❤


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