Magic Bronson – “Good enough just won’t make it, kid you got take it, into your own hands”: SXSW in Austin (April 17 & 18, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi
(night-time photos courtesy of Ashley Hirst)



I was INSTANTLY HOOKED when coming across Magic Bronson at Icenhauer’s Get Lit showcase on Saturday at SXSW. They have such a unique, eclectic sound that I can’t seem to bin into a certain genre (and I LOVE THAT). Elements of electronic, rock, hip-hop come alive with their emotionally-charged lyrics and unpredictable beats and tempos. Their songs truly are roller coaster rides that have you jumping up and down with bulging carotids (at least mine were) at every shocking twist and turn. And since one show was not enough to fill me up, and I was ecstatic to hear they were playing a second one the next night. The fact that I already knew most of the lyrics a second time around means they got a hold of me good. My favorite songs are Fences, Electrify, Wake Up, Nervous (unreleased) and Night Owl (unreleased), but the recorded versions underestimate the live performance, and you must NOT MISS THEM on tour. The frontman (Michael) may be almost 7 feet tall, but he glides on stage like a cat and could easily win an academy award with his impersonations and theatrics. There’s a REASON “magic” is in their name!  ❤


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One thought on “Magic Bronson – “Good enough just won’t make it, kid you got take it, into your own hands”: SXSW in Austin (April 17 & 18, 2017)

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